Andy Compton feat. Kafele – Above The Sky – GOGO 036


GOGO Music is delighted to present you this silky song by Andy Compton feat. Kafele entitled ‘Above The Sky’. Andy is one of the most respected and prolific House producers to come out of the UK. He became a full time musician at the age 16, playing the guitar in several bands. In the early 90ties he discovered and fell in love with the kind of music he wanted to make – not just straight up house music, but DEEP house, a sound which infuses jazz /soul and house elements to create a deeper feeling. In ‘93 he started to do underground countryside barn raves under the name Rural Promotions, which became the name of his first record label as well. Andy created the group, The Rurals in 1994 with Marie (or ‘Tweek’ as she is better known). For the next fifteen years The Rurals have been perfecting a unique style of live elements melted with thumping electronic music and became known worldwide as one of the very best Deep House acts. With over 70 singles, 12 LPs and songs on over 200 compilations, Andy Compton has been nothing short of prolific. A milestone in House-history was the release of their LP ‘Sweeter Sounds’ in 2001, with the single ‘Lush’ which busted big in the New York scene and was regularly played at Shelter. Another highlight in Andy’s career was the 10th Rurals LP called ‘The Tenth Chapter’ which was featured on the cover of DJ Mag in January 2008. Working with everyone from Motown, to the TV show Six Feet Under, and performing and DJ-ing around the world, Andy and The Rurals are the stuff of legend in the House music world. Andy Compton is now emerging as a solo artist, and is collaborating with various vocalists and musicians on his new projects. One of the first of these is GOGO Music’s latest signing ‘Above The Sky’.

Andy teamed up with Kafele a trumpeter, composer and producer, who has been playing the trumpet for over 18 years now. The name Kafele (pronounced kuh-FAY-lay) is of Egyptian origin, and means “worth dying for”. Born in Baltimore, Kafele in fact attributes his love and appreciation for the art to his father who often listened to recordings of John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis amongst others. As a by-product of becoming a Chicago resident for about 7 years, Kafele was inundated with lively, upbeat house music. This musically enriched background provided the influences that helped cultivate his unique sound. Kafele is a musical visionary who believes that there is a difference between music produced for the sole purpose of making money and music created as an expression of one’s inner self. He hopes that listeners will recognize this difference in his music. In his own words, ‘Music is a true reflection of the heart and soul’ and his performance extraordinaire on ‘Above The Sky’ truly reflects this.

Ralf GUM knew after the first listen that he not only has to sign this lush track for his GOGO Music label, but that he wants to remix it, too. Fresh off of the back of a fantastic year, culminating in the release of Ralf’s first artist album ‘Uniting Music’, and his club hit ‘Kissing Strangers’ hitting the top of the 2008 house music charts, he keeps himself busy with a tight DJ-schedule that takes him all around the globe, numerous new own productions to come soon and a bunch of remixes he lately did including works for Defected, Look At You or Mn2S to name just three. With his ability to effortlessly blend sublime vocals and melodies with deep harmonies and detailed grooves, this tune was just perfect for Ralf’s remix skills. He adds a light afro feel with multiple layered percussions in his versions, which make the track a punchy tune for any occasion that has an absolutely organic feel nevertheless.

Completing the release is Bazil’s remix by, who lays under Andy’s Original Mix his trademark beats that make it perfect for all lovers of the soulful style. Bazil is part of the Cue Kids which he forms with Frazer Morgan. They have been working together for six years, writing and remixing for various labels like Society Hill, Melodious Fonk, Pardon, Wax Habit & D.i.y. Discs. Bazil as well runs his own night in Bristol called “Fruity Antics” which he’s done for 12 years now and which is called one of the best Deep Underground House nights in the UK. He can be found DJ-ing, regularly all over Europe, the USA and Canada, too.

With ‘Above The Sky’ GOGO Music continues its superior quality output and sets another mark in the deep house universe. We think this is a must have record for every music lover!

Artist: Andy Compton feat. Kafele
Title: Above The Sky
Incl remixes by Ralf GUM and Bazil
Cat.Nr.: GOGO 036
Barcode / EAN: 4260082111360
Releasedate: 27.04.2009
Format: 12” Vinyl and Download
Genre: Electronica / House / Soul / Deep
Label: GOGO Music
Vinyl Distribution: Topplers


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