Stereofunk : Captain Funk – 12″


Dresden‘s own Captain-of-Funk Stereofunk turns in a huge new EP for Moonbootique, truly capturing the crazy club vibes expected during his DJ sets and proving his production skills are indeed top notch.

‚Captain Funk‘ is a playful, catchy celebration of rubbery bass induced mind bending proportions…! Full of twists and turns from start to finish its a carefully executed walk off the Captain‘s disco plank, splashing into the hot, bass infested ocean of Funk!

Cheeky Post-Modern ravers Fukkk Off hand over a bountiful remix that pushes the energy even higher, with monster builds and room filling, Daft Punk reminiscent melodic sentiments… Its a huge 21st century floor filler that will surely lift the eponymous Fukkk Off production project even higher into the new year.

Finally Stereofunk‘s jittering tech-disco jam that is ‚Superwoman‘ finishes off the package in style. Its a bouncing, all round dancefloor weapon that makes a functional and impressive mark on all that it encounters. Once again its proof of Stereofunk‘s talents for combining tough dancefloor dynamics with superfunky songwriting and addictive arrangements.

A : Captain Funk (Fukkk Off Remix)
B1: Captain Funk
B2: Superwoman

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Azzido Da Bass: ‘I really like the Original & Fukk Off Mix! 5/5’
Boris Dlugosch: ‘Yo, right up my alley! Ab in die Kiste und los gehts! 5/5’
The Disco Boys: ‘Great, love the Fukkk Offf rmx!!! 5/5’
dA frESh: ‘Oh my gosh ! Fukkk Off rmx is awesome ! I’ll play it for sure. Full support !!!! 5/5’
Robosonic: ‘The Fukkk Off remix will kill it on the dancefloor! 3/5’
Jesse Voorn: ‘Sounds great. Fukkk Off remix works best, def gonna try that one out! 4/5’
Grandmoflash: ‘No more need to say. Track one burns! Track 3 is my favorite! 5/5’
Mason: ‘Owww yeaahh, amazing Fukkk Offf remix! 5/5’
André Langenfeld: ‘Fukkk Offf is the one for me, superwoman is second! 4/5’

More DJ-Plays by Digitalism, Dennis Ruyer, Dubfire (5/5!), Roger Sanchez, Man at Arms, Dada Life and many more…

Raveline: ‘What has the once housey Stereofunk taken while making this track? It must have been quality stuff: this track in an anthem! And Moonbootique is the adequate label. Simply genuis! 6/6! ‘Moonbootique Records is about to release its 034 soon, Stereofunk’s “Captain Funk” which has been put on the promo circuit these days. As one might already expect this one is a kinda glitzy deal that works best with a hyper ElectroHouse-crazy primetime crowd ready to brock out. Not for the small clubs but for big rooms instead.’

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