After Telefon Tel Aviv, it is our pleasure to welcome the next prestigious Electronica/Avant-
Hop duo on Bpitch Control: AGF/Delay.

Neither Antye Greie (AGF) nor Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay / Luomo) require much
of an introduction. With their various projects, both have long left an indelible imprint
on electronic music.

Besides two AGF albums that appeared on her label of the same name (”Words are
Missing” and “Dancefloor Drachen”), Antye Greie has produced “SooL”, the fourth
album from Bpitch front woman Ellen Allien and has also worked on various multimedia
art projects in the past year.

Her significant other, Sasu Ripatti / Vladislav Delay, also worked on several projects
including the release of his fourth Luomo album “Convivial” last October, wrote songs
with the New York pop band Scissor Sisters, and played in the Moritz von Oswald trio
alongside Moritz von Oswald himself.

It has been four years since the two released their first album, “Explode”, on AGF
productions. “Symptoms” picks up exactly where “Explode” left off: Futuristic pop
music with singer-songwriter-gestus and tons of depth.

“Symptoms” is AGF and Delay’s musical reality check for a world turned upside-down.
Woven into a fine net from full beats, dubby textures, and tiny digital sound gimmickry,
the twelve songs try to come to terms with the level of awareness and the apparently
limited possibilities of mankind’s development. An album that is both catchy and

Pop music for the 21st century.
01. Get Lost
02. Connection
03. Downtown Snow
04. Outbreak
05. Bulletproof
06. Generic
07. Congo Hearts
08. Most Beautiful
09. Symptoms
10. Smileaway
11. Second Life
12. In Cycles

RELEASE: 16.03.2009 (physical)


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