Todd Bodine and Ludwig Coenen – scapes and shapes – Highgrade Records

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Another proven duo find themselves together again on Highgrade Digital. Since their “Globetrotter” EP in 2007, Todd Bodine has become responsible not only for producing the hits on Highgrade, but also for the label management, and here he brings back his friend and co-conspirator, Lugwig Cohen, for three more sublime tracks. Music journalist and DJ Cohen, has once again hooked up with Todd in Berlin and his own studio in Offenbach to produce a Frankfurt influenced sound that perfectly complements Todd’s energetic percussive grooves and jackin live set. Todd Bodine’s “Unexpected Life Forms” EP in late 2008 was extremely well received by both DJ’s and critics alike, and the fans eagerly await this next collaboration. The first track “Aspects” comes in light and breezy with a cool housey beat, loose percussions and uplifting piano keys. This is a track that will have you reaching for your sunglasses! In “Flussbett”, which translates to “riverbed”, the duo get a little dirtier and darker. The track features a siren sound and deep dubby soundscapes that could easily form the soundtrack to a safari- sunglasses still required! After the safari it’s back to the club, with “Grounded” providing a forward moving and relaxed groove that will have the girls dancing smoothly before your eyes with it’s spacey sounds and unique environments. At the conclusion of the EP, Todd Bodine features with a solo track full of percussive coolness and a solid bassline groove. “Scapes” does what the title suggests, and creates an almost dreamy landscape, where the dancer can get lost in the paradise of House.

label: highgrade digital
artists: Todd Bodine and
Ludwig Coenen
format: digital
title: scapes and shapes
cat no: HGD018

releasedate: 06.04.2009

DJ feedbacks

Luciano: full support

Brothers Vibe: Ah, very cool! Really into Aspects – that piano groove is right in the pocket! Scapes works for me as well… Tks 4 the muzik!

Benno Blome: Grounded! like the acid-touch in this…

Karotte: aspects ist der track für mich. wird gespielt.

Marco Resmann: nice 4 tracker! “aspects” and “scapes” are my favourites.

Gruber & Nürnberg: Aspects and Scapes are the Tracks for us…thanks

DJ Deep: Cool release

DJ: Terry: really nice productions as always form highgrade;;keep it up guys !!!!



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