Various Artists – Geyser Tech Vol. 2 – Geyser Recordings


Geyser Tech Vol.2

With “Geyser Tech Vol. 2” our versatile club-oriented compilation series continues holding ready anew a concerted assortment of different house and techno tracks from ten artists. The new names Stivo, Enzo Matari & Pepe Norman (aka Norman Karachi) as well as LFOcean’s collaboration Pitchmeter join the from the first volume known producers Gianni di Muro & Dayta, Louie, LFOcean, Eletrocode, Ernesto, Sheyne and Riad Michael.

1 Gianni di Muro & Dayta – Ladies And Gentlemen 7:51
2 Eletrocode
Intrambient 7:15
3 Ernesto
History 8:26
4 Riad Michael
X-winter 6:15
5 Louie
Play Now 7:25
6 Enzo Matari & Pepe Norman
Honey 6:11
7 Sheyne
Redflower 5:41
8 Pitchmeter
Unwonder 6:23
9 Stivo
Stadtbrand 6:46
10 LFOcean
T-day 7:09

Compiled & mastered by Riad Michael


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