Felix Bernhardt & Sebastian Groth – The little Jailhorse mysterium


Hardshower Music 001

Suportet &Played by
Dubfire, Thomas Schumacher, Popof, Davide Squillace, Tony Rodriguez, Someone Else, Raudive aka Oliver Ho

Artist: Felix Bernhardt & Sebastian Groth
Name: The little Jailhorse mysterium

Releasedate: 12” Vinyl 03.04.2009 / Digital 25.05.2009

After several very successful digital releases, reached the cases from artists like “DJ Hell”, “Laurent Garnier”, “George Morel” or “Someone Else”, appears now the first vinyl on Hardshower Music.
The EP contains a track of “Felix Bernhardt” (known from releases on ALUlab, Kaufe Musik, weplayminimal) and a track of “Sebastian Groth” (known from releases on Hardshower Music, GPV …), and each with a remix of the other one.
With sound somewhere between techno, minimal und techhouse are all four tracks very playable and devilish effective on the floor.




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