Swayzak – Snowboarding In Argentina remastered & extended


A culmination of the early Swayzak years, SIA is finally re-issued as it should be. Ten years on it is deemed as a classic by many for its deep and melancholic house tendencies – it is also inspired by darker detroit/berlin techno edge, with a hint of dub reggae and ambient padisms thrown in. SIA came out of the melting pot which was 1990s london. The Swayzak roots began in 1994, but did not start its true journey until the release of bueno/fukumachi E.P in 1997, when Laurent Garnier left a message on our answering machine. In his sophisticated french tones he said “beautiful and moody”, we were ecstatic – when a Distributor chased us down the street wanting copies, and the top london techno store sold out in days, we knew we were onto something. Yet if it wasn’t for a friend pushing us we would probably never have got released! it was self funded and well worth it…
Recorded in various bedrooms around london, mainly around the Ladbroke Grove area, the tracks were made over weekends – whilst others partied we stayed in, drank beer & tea, smoked pot reefer and experimented with our sound! When time would allow we would stick our heads in a Jah Observer Soundsystem, to get some vibes. We used a 2MB Akai Sampler, Atari Computer, a cheap drum machine and a couple of analog synths. The creation of this LP was a truly minimal experiment and each mix was hand crafted, culminating in hours of DAT recordings to sift through. Some of our tracks lasted 30 minutes (nowadays deemed genius, but then to quote a journalist “who has the time to listen to this ?”) many were edited down manually.

Now with the technology, time and money we have edited and remastered ‘Snowboarding In Argentina’, compiled from two versions that were originally released in UK and USA.



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