Marco V announces new artist album: Propaganda


Marco V

Marco V is considered to be one of the most influential producers of our time, with his music proving to be a driving force in shaping the modern tech-trance arena. His influence over a generation of fellow producers and DJs artists is quite unheard of with many touting Marco has THE reason they’re in dance music today.

Now he’s back, with his fourth studio album and the first in over three years, Propaganda. For a man whose touch has been so potent, he couldn’t have picked a more appropriate title. Spanning trance, techno, progressive and a more chilled out sound, this is Marco V at his best.
From the outset it’s clear this is a master at work. Whether it’s the huge tech-trance offering of Unprepared, which is tellingly climbing the UK’s Buzz Charts as we speak, or the delicately crafted and beautifully produced The Man Who Was There, Marco’s distinctive handprint is on each and every piece.

At every turn Marco displays his coveted ability to blend together multi-faceted layers and lines of music from any genre. From throbbing progressive track Ritual Purification to Digital Identity, which borders on psy-trance, to the main room, peak-time club banger A Journey Into Sound, there’s not one second on this album where Marco lets up.

Taking you on an emotional journey, Propaganda soars from epic monsters like Coma Aid through to underground tribal trancers such as Treviso. As fast as you can catch your breath he takes it away again, and by the time he signs off with techno demolisher WRC Theme, you’re left begging for more.

…and more is exactly what you get with Marco V. Pushing the concept of the artist album further, Marco has collaborated with hot UK illustrator Vee Ladwa. Having previously collaborated with Lethal Bizzle and worked on projects such as Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four, Vee was bought on board by Marco to add a very special twist to Propaganda. Of course we’re not going to spoil the surprise, but suffice to say, this is one album that really WILL leave you on a cliff-hanger!



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