Oliver Huntemann presents album H-3 on Ideal Audio


Oliver Huntemann H-3 Cover

Oliver Huntemann had great years in 2007 and 2008, with remixes for The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode and Underworld as well as arguably the biggest track of the year in “Dios”, coproduced with Dubfire.
On to 2009, Herr Huntemann continues his career-long form with his third solo artist album, “H-3”.
Consisting of two CDs and 15 full length tracks “H-3” is unpretentious, dancefloor music which combines elements of techno, house and electro to create a long player which truly captures a sound that can only describe as Oliver Huntemann.
Linear, driving arrangements, metallic synths and shuffling rhythms twist throughout while fractured melodies occasionally surface resulting in something which sums up Huntemann’s personal journey through electronic music through to his veteran status as producer and DJ.
With a passionate belief in letting the music do the talking, Huntemann has kept a low personal profile and handpicks projects he can invest in properly, and “H-3” is the superb result.

CD Tracklisting:
01. Shanghai Spinner
02. Rikarda
03. Dios (with Dubfi re)
04. Krake
05. Lousy Nights
06. Senso
07. Dexter
08. DauerPlus
09. Albino
10. Bloody Mary




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