Terence Fixmer – Machine including Speedy J RMX – Digital Only



Prepare for some heavyweight infusion. This is minimal, but forget about the oh so funny irony this genre got diluted with. You won’t be asked to maybe shake a hip, this beat will take over your world. Once you start this machine there’s no turning back. It will do the job at full steam, and it’s been programmed well.

While it’s steady pounding will take care of your movement functions, it’s disrupting sound spheres take your mind to the realm of it’s core. This patent produces euphoria industrially, and its product scales for any floor. But oh, it’s a french machine of the Fixmer brand, so it’s sexy as hell and dark as fuck. While you scream with your hands up in the air, it will push more and more serotonin into your cells, relentless, efficient, tireless, precise, beyond human. Machine.

Speedy J: “I’ve always been a fan of Terence’s sound. I love the unique fuse between Industrial, Techno, Minimal, and EBM.” So when Terence hit him up with Machine, he knew it was time for an Electric Deluxe release.

His remix pays tribute to Terence’s unbroken integrity in style. Well over the top, you can hear how much fun he had with this one in the studio. Speedy J knows what his tracks do on the floor, and this one is just ridiculous. Talk about blowing up a club with a dark grin and a boyish smile at the same time.

And what a reminder about why we love Techno. Electric Deluxe is the platform for artists who discard all worries about an overkill with uninspired template music.

There is so much good music out there, for some of it Speedy J, Chris Liebing, George Issakidis, and now soon Terence Fixmer and Tommy Four Seven will be held accountable.

EDLX.004 Machine features the original by Terence Fixmer, Speedy J’s remix, Terence’s dub version, and as known for Electric Deluxe releases, the Tool, making this machine ready to be iterated by the hands of floor engineers worldwide.

Terence Fixmer is France’s most treasured protagonist of the techno scene and has been at the forefront for over 10 successful years now. Adored for his radical Electro by the so-called “dark” and techno scenes alike, Terence reached a respect level without precedence, disregarding the mainstream.

His albums on DJ Hell’s Gigolo spearheaded a new style, “techno body music”, fusing modern techno and EBM, reminiscent of Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb, whose singer McCarthy was touring with Terrence last summer.

Terence’s music appeals as much to dancing feet, as it does to the searching soul. As a pioneer, he above all preserves an original style, an increasingly experimental, simultaneously ruthless and unrelenting interpretation of modern Techno, instantly recognizable. A true Electric Deluxe Artist.

Label. Electric Deluxe
Artist. Terence Fixmer
Remixer. Speedy J
Titel. Machine
Release. 4/21/2009
Distribution. Beatport
Format. Digital
Catalog Number. EDLX.004

01 machine
02 machine speedy j rez
03 machine dub
04 machine tool




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