With over 15 years of tireless dedication to the scene under his belt, the Bug is proud to announce
his fourth full length artistalbum, exclusive on PokerFlat Recordings, entitled „Collaboratory“, to be released june 8th, 2009.

Based strongly on the ideas of collaboration, shared ideas, mutual respect for fellow artists and the strength of combining forces in the studio, Steve chose some very special producers and vocalists to work with on this exciting project. Names such as Clé, Cassy, Paris The Black Fu, Donnacha Costello, Simon Flower, Virginia Nascimento and Gigi drop by here.

The album is not merely a collection of club tracks however, as the whole work plays like a mature, well-rounded journey through various headspaces. Sure, some tracks will work the clubs, but others are equally suited to home listening, quiet time with friends at the dinner table or on the beach!

„Collaboratory“ is a beautiful, refreshing and open-minded reminder why talents like Steve Bug are hard to find… Thanks to his wealth of talent and dedication to his art, he‘s ensured a whole new wave of fans, as he treads the bright, promising path of 2009 and beyond!

“Two Of A Kind” (pfr103), the first single taken from his album is, has been releasd most recently. and received some exquite feedback from specialists from all around the globe.

Presenting his forthcoming album ‚Collaboratory‘ Steve travels
around the globe as follows:
08.05. Austria, Vienna, Club Camera
09.05. UK, London, Sperfreq Opening @ Cable
16.05. Germany, Erfurt, Centrum
23.05. USA, Detroit, DEMF 2009
29.05. USA, El Paso, The News
30.05. Mexico, Guadalajara, Tape Festival @ Fort Alterno
06.06. USA, New York, Save The Cannibals @ Rebel
11.06. Italy, Rome, Purple
12.06. UK, Bristol, Just Jack
13.06. France, Toulouse, Inox
27.06. UK, Leeds, Cocoon Day Open Air @ Mint Club




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