Einmusik – Atl Antis EP


Einmusik – Atl Antis EP
Label: Einmusika Recordings
Cat. number: EINMUSIKA003
Release date: 13-05-2009
Genre: Tech House

Label head honcho and producer extraordinaire, Einmusik presents us with his 3rd outing on the label with this exceptional and diverse 3 track EP on the inimitable Einmusika imprint. Each of the productions has been flawlessly crafted and meticulously fine tuned to suit a wide variety of DJ across the board, while still maintaining a strong sense of what Einmusik does best-quality, intelligent electronic house music! From the swinging, shuffling melodic chords of “Atl Antis” through to the brooding, dark and dubby “Conflict” and the staccato stabs and dissonant melodies on “V0m”, Einmusik showcases his very broad palette and his ability to construct, arrange and execute quality, functional house music that is sure to work in a variety of situations and dancefloors!



2 Responses to “Einmusik – Atl Antis EP”

  1. 1 bruno

    Nice release. EINMUSIK is high quality electronic music!

  2. 2 tzu


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