Shameboy at the Pyramid Marquee (CD/DVD)


Label: Sputnik
Release Date: 22. Mai 2009
Distribution: Rough Trade

Thursday July the 3rd 2008, was a special day for Shamboy. The Belgian electro duo plays his first concert at Rock Werchter 2008. Probably the best festival in the world. And surely one of the biggest summer events. To play at Rock Werchter is a big honor for a local act.

From 8h35 until 9h35pm Shameboy guarantees heat and earth-shaking scenes in the Pyramid Marquee, a half-round tent with a capacity of 8000 people, perfect for Big Moments.

From the first loud chord, the public is blown away and outside occur wild body-moving scenes in the pouring rain. This is a home game and Shameboy pleases with national anthems as there are ‘Rechoque’, ‘Strobot’ and ‘Splend it’.

But there is more. Shameboy is for a 100% themselves and shows their effect on a big group of people. The pair wants to bring electronic music as live as possible. No turntables but musicians who want to involve the public in their act.

“It is hardly no art to play loud, but by adding melody and variation to the concrete wall of sound, the tracks get the right amount of rock ‘n roll.”, a reporter wrote. And so it was. ‘At The Pyramid Marquee’, is the report of a trip. An electronic joyride of a band who is improvising and communicating on the road. Electro à gogo.

SHAMEBOY (°2004) is the party of DJ/musician Jimmy Dewit and musician/producer Luuk Cox. The duo makes brings electronic music with catchy beats and sharp edges. Their mission statement is: it has to be that good that you want to dance on it. ‘Rechoque’ landed on the turntables of Tiga, Felix da Housecat, Mylo and Timo Maas. After two albums they have played at all big clubs and festivals in the Benelux. Next step will be the internationalizing of the international class.

1. Stumble
2. Sunday Punk
3. Rechoque
4. Slaxx
5. Monofour
6. Our Peggy Ate Her
7. Timeskipper
8. Strobot
9. Splend It
10. Heartcore



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