Ellen Allien presents new fashion catalogue for Spring-Summer 2009


Ellen Allien has created two fabulous new lines for spring and summer 2009! Besides her rather elegant but nevertheless sexy and cheeky mainline, with it’s black python fabrics, she surprises us with an everyday approach that will hold its promises with her new sideline QUARTETT.

The main line – for women only – tries to connect to the tradition of high fashion and Ellen’s previous collections. This becomes visible in the exquisite shapes she gave to the black python dress, jumper, catsuit and trouser, supported by a jersey tank top and long sleeve in black and white. But even with such a high-end approach, flexibility and the possibility for adaptation to all surroundings give a unique finish to the main line.

The sideline QUARTETT appears as a jersey line that integrates the usual with a touch of the unknown. Fine jersey dresses, sleeveless dresses, tops and also shirts for men build up a framework for the message of either black or red prints: the best cards you could possibly play with, the ace! Neither kings, nor queens are supported by QUARTTET– instead the ace brings every one of us into the pleasure of gambling and winning! And that’s what Ellen Allien’s fashion line is about: The pleasure of wearing clothes.



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