Norm Talley – The Journey/In Yo Soul



This is something special. 10 years after its very limited release (simply due to a low budget and limited sales expectations, not to try and make the record scarce), Norm Talley’s The Journey is picked up by a a few hip Berlin djs, and a fire starts with the record being offered on EBay for over €100.00, because nobody can find a copy. Even Norm had to borrow a copy when he went to DJ in Berlin.. and the Berlin party crowd had already asked him to confirm if he was bringing the joke.

So here is that tune, The Journey, now re-mastered by Stefan Betke and cut by Andreas@Schnittstelle, and sounding very nice.

On the flip is the unreleased In Yo Soul, chosen by Third Ear to complement The Journey and complete a full on in your face piece of Norm Talley groove.

And to round it off, it’s on a 10”. Cool and compact. Just like Norm, who is known in the DJ circles of Detroit as a secret weapon.. Need your party fixing?… Call Norm Talley.

Serge at Clone kindly added a few words… “Nice re-issue of an obscure dj favorite produced by Norm Talley and previously released on the Nouveau Riche label from Detroit. Here you have two tracks that turn out to be great dj tracks when played out loud. The Journey somehow got lost in obscurity. But luckily someone was clever enough to get it back out again, together with the previously unreleased In Yo Soul, and here they are… 10 inches of pleasure! Pure Detroit House music as we like it.”

Artist: Norm Talley
Title: The Journey/In Yo Soul
Label: Third Ear
Date: 11th May 2009



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