Dyno – Tribe Waves


Dyno – Tribe Waves
Label: Sixteenofive
Cat. number: 1605005
Release date: May 2009
Genre: Techno

The fifth release on the Sixteenofive imprint features one of the most hyped italian producers of electronic music at the moment, Dyno. Tribe Waves is a display of Dyno’s amazing ability to combine hard, driving grooves, which keep you on your toes, and darkish melodies combined with creative minimal elements that make the whole track interestingly unique from start to end.
Tribe Waves, Original Mix begins with tribal sounds that are merged with a tight percussion and a hard, driving bassline. Developing a nice set of unique minimalistic sounds, the whole track really puts you in a tribalish dance mood.
Tribe Waves Dyno Combo Version, is the more melodic side of the EP, but rest assured that these melodies are backed up by many changes in the bassline, amazing buildups and a huge thumping beat all along.



One Response to “Dyno – Tribe Waves”

  1. 1 John

    Thanks for these great tracks!!

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