New Mondo – Total Control – Transport Recordings


Transport Recordings presents New Mondo, the exciting collaboration of two celebrated San Francisco deep house producers, DJ MFR (Marco From Rome) and Vincent Kwok. Well known to followers of lush, melodic dance music Kwok and MFR’s combined talent thrusts New Mondo into greater realms of accessibility and danceability. Their debut album, Total Control, features vocal guest spots from Lisa Shaw (Naked Music), Sandy Rivera vocalist Leedia Urteaga, renowned San Francisco jazz singer Indra Jones, New Mondo mainstay Morrisson, and others. Here New Mondo’s sound combines dancefloor burners and emotive song writing as well as subtle nods to 80’s new wave funk. It’s an appealing stew that works, and it makes for a much more fulfilling listen than your usual dance album.

The new New Mondo full artist album Total Control will be unveiled July 13, 2009 as a CD and digital release from Transport Recordings.

If you’re interested in reviewing or writing about this release then please get in touch. I’d be happy to send you a digital or CD copy of New Mondo’s Take Control album for your perusal. New Mondo (DJ MFR and/or Vincent Kwok) is also available for interviews, features, or any other special pieces and promotions you’d like to help put together.


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