Railyard Co-Founder Sean Palm brings album in july


Its all about family around these parts of town. Whether blood or not, a tight infrastructure of friends, collaborators, jokers and nut jobs are pushing and breaking musical boundaries. For days on end these unpredictable situations fuel an urge to capture life’s greater moments through sound. This is the Sean Palm vision.

The Railyard Co-Founder was born, raised and still remains in New York’s premiere suburban playground. He was there from the very beginning of the East Coast Movement, and the earworms that dug deep into the Sean Palm program are evident in the sounds of Underground Resistance, Warp, Harthouse, Eye Q and R&S Records. With over 15 years of techno experience in his arsenal, Sean Palm emerges with an Artist Album that crosses the 4/4 boundaries of House and Techno. Dare we say it even touches upon real deal “Trance”? Not the kind you listen to while the Mickey Mouse gloves are in the dryer, mind you…

The album launches with the simple sounds of Silent Storm and Polyphonic. The opening tracks invite the listener to soak in the deep reverberations of an underwater excursion. Seemless Dreams then steps up and spreads its strings wide, pushing forward the album’s energy. Not losing sight of dancefloor friendliness, Sightings, Lost in The Bronx and Days On End fuse an array of early 90’s Trance influences with modern day Hypnotic Techno design. Coming back down to earth is the wonky Green Matrix, wobbling with bits and blobs falling perfectly into place. The latter part of the excursion sees the strange computer rhythms of Drumatrix that dance in conjunction with proper synths over constantly building, intelligent drum programming. Palm rounds out the album with 10 Years Later, a lush, organic House production with an overall healing touch…

The eclectic techno label from New York is on point again with their first debut full length from their head-honcho.

artist: Sean Palm
title: Days On End
label: Railyard Recordings, USA. (Distributed by Dead Format, USA & Ingrooves | Beatport)
date: 13 july 09

Disc 1: Days On End
1. Silent Storm
2. Polyphonic
3. Seemless Dreams
4. Sightings
5. Lost In The Bronx
6. Days On End
7. Green Matrix
8. Drumatrix
9. 10 Years Later

Disc 2: “Continuous Poolside Atmosphere Mix by Sean Palm”


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