Dr. Kucho! “Nexus” out now on Beatport



1) Original Mix (listen here, requires flash)
2) Danny Freakazoid Remix (listen here)
3) Matt Myer Remix (listen here)
4) Tango Remix (listen here)
5) Kevin Sunray Remix (listen here)
6) Gabi Newman Remix (listen here)

Paolo Mojo: Thanks a lot for sending the promos. There are some nice tunes in there.
Robert Owens: very nice, thx, the original and gabinewm are tops, but all mixes are cool
Denis The Menace & Big World „HOT RELEASE !!!!“
Moonbootica “Ich finde das Original sehr gut, wie vieles vom Doktor. Hätte da gerne ne 320’er von – The original is very good, as all stuff by the doctor. I want the full version please !!!”
Andreas Tatzreiter (Radio Energy Vienna) NEXUS sounds amazing !!!!
Warren Clarke “always supporting Dr Kucho!! Great remix package“
DJ Dove “I really like the original mix the most.”
Freddy Turner (New York) we get nothing but the best from Dr.Kucho… and that this EP is very very good
DJ Fist: yoyoyo!! Once again tks for the promo..
I luvd freakazoid´s …sick!! send me full plz I want it!!!!
tks a lot.
Mannix (Hype Chart Contributor) “The Original is the BEST !!!!”
Tim Anderson (Vienna) SHOT! How big is this track? Nexus is truly outstanding, like Danny Freakazoid Remix most! This track will definitly be in our CD bags as well as in our radio show NRJ CLUB FILES
Agent Greg (Athen): original and gabi newman for me!!!
David Gausa (Barcelona) Great job again!
Thx for sending 😉
DJ Angola (New York): Hi, I like the Matt Myer remix the best; it has a nice groove and a clean sound. I’d like to hear the full version.Cheers,
Dave Storm: Original mix sounds good to me…would like to play it on my Cabrio show (Ibiza Global Radio & SSradioUK)
Jonathan Ulysses:
ddanny freakazoid mix is best for me…. wicked 8/10
DJ Antoine: Great Release !!!!!!!!!!!!!



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