Lounge album by Poostosh comes out on Untime Records in July



Poostosh emerged from interminable improvisations in front of mixing console in the booth of one respectable Moscow club/theatre, under which roof they all were working. The name “Poostosh” appeared in 2002. In Russian it means – uncultivated plot or a heath.

They were playing and recording in a lot of different styles without any serious mixing, in one cut, quickly creating the sound of a compositions due to our mood in that moment. Thus their genre has formed – laid-back, evocative, experimental, slightly psychedelic, always attracted by contemporary classic music and shoegaze/post-rock, instrumental dimension.

«Herbarium» (their 4th album) is called so because of heterogeneity of «songs», which can be compared to miscellaneous leaves in the album, still being belonged to the family of trees. Trying to avoid non-alive metaphors here, only thought of diversity and warm and innermost feeling that herbarium is capable to conjure up. «… This leaf I picked up in the park where I met her, and this – I sat by the river, contemplating…». So tracks were created – one was captured in some magic jam, another – recorded layer by layer and meticulously mixed then, next – cut from previous sessions and so on.

All compositions are united by Poostosh sense of music – mostly pensive, spatial, tender and experimental. There’s a lot of soul and charisma in every leaf… So please let your soul look over our HERBARIUM.

Artist: Poostosh
Title: Herbarium
Label: Untime Records
Release Date: 2009-02-07
Cat No: 4
Genre: Lounge

1. Overjoyed To Hear The New Poostosh Album
2. Life As We Forgot It
3. Rain Autumn DPRSSN.
4. Sasha
5. Leprechauns’ Gang
6. Birthnight
7. Swallowed By Untime, Vol.2 (live)
8. Corneal Abrasion
9. Information Pressure Doesn’t Affect An Eagle
10. La Storia De Un Ragazzo Chi Trovo Il Amore Ma Abbia Perso La Testa
11. The Meadow Of My Infancy
12. Dreamers Who Are Brooders
13. Frequency Domain Of Love And Parting
14. We’ll Be Back



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