Push presents today his new artist album ‘Global Age’



Exactly 15 years after the first Push release, the legendary guise of Belgian producer Mike Dierickx returns with a new album on June 23rd 2009. Suitably called ‘Global Age’, this artist album kicks off a new phase in Mike’s career. A career that covers more than a hundred releases and 6 albums over more than 60 different aliases.

Growing, aging and gaining more experience with every track he’s produced, Mike has grown out to be one of the most esteemed producers the dance scene has to offer. Though every release he’s had is a perfect example of his versatile sound, it was the Push alias that left an everlasting footprint on the minds of dance music lovers. Time to revive and revamp this moniker. Push: “The time was right to bring back what everybody was waiting for. You’ve got the pro’s, you’ve got the con’s. But I just want to make music that I love without having the feeling of people telling me what to do! I don’t want to go back in time again and live forever on previous successes. I’m not in competition with myself; I just strive to a new global sound, trying to be innovative as much as I can.”

‘Universal Nation’, ‘Strange World’ and ‘The Legacy’ mark the successful Push era, but more future classics are about to find their way out. 2008 saw the return of Push, with the release of ‘Dream Designer’ on Mike’s very own Club Elite label, followed by ‘Interference’ in early 2009. But June 2009 marks a completely new chapter. ‘Global Age’ is Push, completely back in shape and ready to hit back with a new slack of techy, proggy, but most of all mind-blowing trance tunes. Push: “The same feel with the sound of today, that’s what ‘Global Age’ sounds like. The album has a progressive touch and goes into a trancy melodic journey.

Push is back with the same powerful, timeless sound, fit for a new era. Push:” ‘Global Age’ refers to all my travelling, my gigs, going on tour, making music on the move, it’s all part of the new global movement. There is no age on global clubbing, there is no age on making music, there is no age set on making fun in your life and doing where you live for. Actually, Push never went away, it was just waiting in a transit, waiting to get tranced out again. Push is back and here to stay…

Push presents ‘Global Age’
Format: 2 x CD new artist album
Released: June 23rd 2009
Distributed by: Armada Records (World)

Push Dates:
June 19th – Bubbles Fest (Czech Republic)
June 26th – The Gallery, Ministry of Sound (UK)
June 27th – Syndicate Blackpool (UK)
July 25th –Tomorrow Land (Belgium)
August 1st – Beach Party Festival (Poland)
August 14th – Euforia Festival (Poland)
August 23rd – Judgement Sunday (Ibiza)
December 12th – Serenity Festival (Holland)

Check out Mike’s special Global Age website, with samples and more information about the release and release party.




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