Ladies And Gentlemen presents Time For House – Compiled And Mixed by Phonique



Now with 5 vinyl releases in the bag, Phonique‘s Ladies & Gentlemen label
pays tribute the life-affirming, spirit-restoring movement that is House Music,
with the aptly titled ‚Time For House‘. The 3-track ‚Time for House‘ teaser 12‘‘
(LG05) hit the stores recently to a sell-out response, so now here‘s the full
album – and what a collection it is.

Within these 14 tracks – and during the exclusive mix by Phonique, working
them up into a continuous club soundtrack – you‘ll find delightful every corner
of house. From the spacey to the uplifting, from the deep to the twisted and
modern, it‘s all here in superbly mastered attendance. This compilation, jam
packed with fresh exclusive tracks, will be released digital-only, allowing space
to really explore all the possible channels and of course provide over an hour of
Phonique in the mix!

Fans of the genre and label will be pleased to find all the key artists present
and correct; Phonique, Vincenzo, Tigerskin, Boris Fox, Kiloo and some hot
newcomers are all featured. Wonderfully selected, the tracklist boasts some
of the sharpest, most upfront house tracks of the summer, with all 14 tracks
pushing forward top quality, addictive grooves through and through.
From the opening bars of Vincenzo‘s made-for-open-airs ‚Return of Sha‘, to
the Tigerskin double-header of ‚Too Hot‘ and ‚Break Night‘, you know you‘re
in for an un-missable selection. Funky, disco vibes are broken in by Kolombo‘s
‚Next Dream‘ before things get totally freaked out Berlin-Parisian style with
‚The Fever“ from Boris Fox.

Pushing things up a notch, ‚Talking Props‘ deliver a deep-ass club vibe with
‚I Can‘t‘, before Rubini mixes up the selection even more, with the classy oldschool
tones of ‚Gin Sonic‘. Phonique jumps the ‚Disco Q‘ with his late night
laser show, whilst his edit of Modern Walker & Urban Absolutes‘ ‚No Problem‘
rides through in fine style.
Following these exclusives are some special picks from the label‘s back-catalogue
so far. Firstly, lifted from L&G 01, Boris Fox‘s ‚Dancefloor Dude‘ makes a
statement in house thats impossible to ignore. Manuel Tur & Dplay drive deep
on ‚The Passion‘, while Trickski‘s Fashion Remix twists Kiloo & Phonique‘s
original in a different, synthed-out direction. Ilija Rudmann‘s fantastic remix of
Boris Fox‘s ‚Grey Inferno‘ sets things alight, before Phonique throws down the
final cut; his slow grooving remix of Kikiorix‘ ‚Plastic House‘.

This is all tied up into a continuous DJ mix by none other than the main man
Phonique, who champions the selection with his trademark up-building mixing
style and classic, timeless touch. It‘s a bold, feel-good selection that really
shines with quality through and through… Already approved by some of the top
names on the scene there‘s never a dull moment, with Phonique‘s unique A&R
policy and DJ intuition giving us a veritable oasis of delights to dip into.

Ladies And Gentlemen presents
Time For House
Compiled And Mixed by Phonique

Digital Album
01. Vincenzo: Return Of Sha **
02. Tigerskin: Hot **
03. Tigerskin: Break Night **
04. Kolombo: Next Dream **
05. Boris Fox: The Fever **
06. Talking Props: I Can‘t **
07. Rubini: Gin Sonic **
08. Phonique: Disco Q **
09. Modern Walker & Urban Absolutes:
No Problem (Phonique Edit) **
10. Boris Fox: Dancefloor Dude
11. Kiloo & Phonique: The Passion
(Manuel Tur & Dplay Remix)
12. Kiloo & Phonique: The Passion
(Trickski‘s Fashion Remix)
13. Boris Fox: Inferno
(Ilija Rudman Remix)
14. Kikiorix: Plastic House
(Phonique Remix)
15. Various Artists:
Time For House mixed by Phonique **
** = new, exclusive tracks

digital album
EAN 4250382400288



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