Claude VonStroke & Bootsy Collins


Claude VonStroke & Bootsy Collings

Label: dirtybird
Artist: Claude VonStroke
Title: The Greasy Beat ft. Bootsy Collins
Release date: Sept. 2nd. 2009
This side: Funk Bomb Mix
That side: Tech Funk Mix

Bootzilla’s here!
Who is the person you would most like to work with?” For Claude VonStroke, it’s definitely Bootsy Collins – the biggest personality in Parliament Funkadelic and funniest character the funk world has ever seen. We couldnt be any more excited to have Bootsy on dirtybird and this crazy collaboration of styles is the lead single on Claude VonStrokes 2nd album, Bird Brain.”

If you havent heard of Bootsy we couldn’t write it better than Rolling Stone“Bootsy Collins Rubber Band was the most entertaining and longest-running spin-off of George Clintons eternal P-Funk circus, and that’s because Bootsy is a true star, the clown prince of comic, psychedelic, good-times funk if he werent such a genius of the bass, you’d think he was Jimmie Walker in a sequined costume, star-shaped mirrored shades included. His career is like a Horatio Alger story based in Chocolate City: Plucked from teenage obscurity in 1969 to play with James Brown, the former William Collins of Cincinnati brought a slap-happy zest to JB’s sound, then hooked up with Clinton and was reborn in his image, with a little help from LSD.”

It is certain that Claude VonStroke is not nearly as accomplished as Bootsy Collins, but he takes the same tongue-in-cheek approach to his music and thats why this collaboration really works. Both Claude and Bootsy believe you got to get up for the down stroke and theres no way to fake the funk or your nose will grow, Pinocchio!

DJ Feedback:
Troy Pierce- booty reporting for duty…. amazing. robert johnson in 45 mins… awesome timing. thank you x 10.
Chris Duckenfield – God dayyyyyaaammm ! Bootzilla tore the roof off that sucker Fonk u very much X
Mike Monday -I’ve been looking forward to this since you told me about it – Pfunk are one of my biggest musical influences. So really this is a no brainer. Big up Bootsy VonStroke!
Ali/Tiefschwarz – F U N K!!!
Voodeux ( Tanner ) Both tracks are BOMB DOOOD! Been waiting awhile to get my hands on this one ever since I heard it over the phone. FANKS!
Robag Wruhme -cool … the track is done! nice basswummse!!!!
Konrad Black-I can’t effing believe you did a track with Bootsy!!! Badass…and thanks for sending it. It’s the bees knees! Bootzilla, yabba dabba doo!
Fredski- LOVE IT..
Martyn – just wicked! both versions but i think im gonna play the Funk Bomb one! … big up
Nat Self- Reviving new tracks from Barclay is a mixed blessing- They are allways amazing- but then I go and insult my own sounds; good work- best track i’ve heard in ages! XN
Martin Landsky- i like both tracks, tech funk mix is my favourite though..indeed funny and the artwork is awesome.
Riva Starr- YESSS, FUNK BOMB version is the one i prefer… loving the artwork too.
Laurent Garnier-ohhh yes this is tripy will play a lot
Tim Green-Seriously rude!! wicked track! Loving this so much.
Kiki-wow! bootsy in da house! diggin da freakinezz on tech funk mix!
Todd Bodine- I love it! Crazy vocals. I will play both.
Sebo K-i love it! full support! hope you are well! all the best.




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