Inpetto releases new single



In a relatively short period of time siblings Marco and Dirk Duderstadt have built a name for themselves that’s propel them to the forefront of the European house movement. Yet unlike many that have sold out to commercialism or believed their own hype, the boys from Dorsten, Germany, have never strayed far from their original blueprint, and it’s that level consistency that has made them a clear favourite amongst their peers, and elevated them to critical acclaim as producers, remixers and DJs.

No strangers to commercial success they also make up two-thirds of the dance act Fragma, who topped just about every club chart in 1999 with their debut release, ‘Toca’s Miracle’. A year later they reached the apex of the coveted UK singles chart with the re-issue, while their album, ‘Toca’, proved they were no one-hit wonders yielding a further three hits including the top five singles ‘Everytime You Need Me’ and ‘You Are Alive’.

But it’s as Inpetto, the nom de plume of their more progressive orientated house material, that the duo is now fully focusing their attention. A decade after their debut ‘Brahmaputra’, and ‘Mocking Cliffchat’ it’s eight-year-in-the-making follow-up two years ago, the brothers now return with singles number three and four in quick succession.

First up is the amazingly simple and driving instrumental, ‘The Milky Way’. A cross-pollination of electro, techno and house that refuses to let you go until you’re fully beaten into submission. Reminiscent in parts of Hiroki Esashika’s ‘Kazane’ from several years back, and cast from the same mould as Etienne De Crecy’s ‘Fast Track’ from even further back. This testosterone-fuelled storming techno number is actually amazingly simple in constituent parts but is such a crazed and driving number when added to the relentless bassline that it’s likely to push the fainthearted over the edge. Or to put it another way, could best be described as a seat-of-your-pants ride down a German autobahn in a Bugatti Veyron driven by The Stig on acid!

In juxtaposition ‘Catwalk’, while pulsating to a similar tempo, adds soaring sax breakdowns and atmospheric keys pads atop another equally driving back drop, to create an altogether different vibe. Another lush orchestrated soundscape, this modern day tech-etched masterpiece is every bit as good and befitting the brothers high ranking amongst their peers and contemporaries.

“Inpetto create amazing productions with a fantastic balance of beautiful melodies and power for the dancefloor” – Axwell

“They’re fantastic producers” – David Guetta

“Inpetto are among the most consistent producers in the progressive house genre” – Above & Beyond

Inpetto ‘The Milky Way’ on Big & Dirty Records is available now exclusively on Beatport and widely available after 8th September

Inpetto ‘Catwalk’ on Big & Dirty Records is out 29th September

Big & Dirty Records



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