Luca Lozano “Berlinetta”



Luca Lozano presents “Berlinetta” a poppin little track that grabs your attention with a very mighty sliding horn break.

Check out his amazing music video that goes with it on the website.
Our favorite girl, J Phlip (pronounced J Flip) delivers a remix that makes my top 10 of the year for sure.. Bangin!

Label: dirtybird
Artist: Luca Lozano
Title: Berlinetta
Release date: Sept. 16nd. 2009

This side:
J.Phlip Remix
That side:

DJ Feedback:
Heidi – its a jam as always….never fails
Style Of Eye – Been playing the Original for months, now J Philip takes the Grand prize!
Justin Martin – j phlip remix is the shit…. it really really hits hard.
Derek Plaslaiko – EXCELLENT PARTY JAM ALERT!!!! Been rockin the J-Phlip remix for a lil while now. SICK SICK SICK!!!!
Barry Weaver – Really liking this! Will definitely play both mixes. Thanks!
Emerson Todd – J Philp remix is the one for me here… best thing i have heard her do… top marks .. whoop whooop
Nic Fanciulli – nice stuff!
Yousef – rock solid!
Ralf Kollmann – downloading it now, burning it and playing it in a few hours in berlin at the leena label showcase… dankeschöne! wunderbar!
Ben Watt – ace. both. kinda sleazy but lovely at the same time.
Nat Self – I don’t know who this italin is but he sure makes good music
RIVA STARR – this is a cool tune J Flip rmx rocks too!
Sacha Robotti // Robosonic DJ Team – nice one luke ! ! ! i like the simplicity of it. jphlip mix is a cracker too, feels like sitting in an imax. robottic & sonic support aye
Shir Khan – cant decide which version i like more. i think i like both – its definetely a big poppin track. love the bouncy beats and horn break.
Ptoile – good groove for both versions..
Burnski – killer remix!
Hatzler – Love the original`s minimalism and the tribal touch of the remix
Clint Stewart – Both cuts are super nice and will both find their way into my rotation. The original is a really nice groovy track for the deep moody sets and the J Phlip remix will definitely get the peak time play! Thanks for the cuts!
Nikola Baytala – Berlinetta (J.Phlip Remix) for me nice follow to the one sided massive vinly only release like this nice work J!!!
Johnny Fiasco – J Flips mix rocks for me!

dirtybird website


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