New CD ‘Sneakerz festival’ with international seal by the Cube Guys and Prok & Fitch



Sneakerz MUZIK is at it again with their brand new follow-up to the festival compilation ‘Sneakerz Vol. 10 – Festival’. As always a colourful cd with only the best current house tracks, this time mixed by two successful duos Prok & Fitch and The Cube Guys. On the 19th of September they were one of the main acts at the Dutch Sneakerz Festival, mainly due to their productions played everywhere and present on this new Sneakerz cd too! This special festival edition is available at, the Free Record Shop, Music Store and others.

Where previously the young talent was given the opportunity to mix the cd’s, this time ‘Sneakerz Vol. 10 – Festival’ may be viewed as the masterpiece of two come-of-age house duo’s. Flaunting Prok & Fitch and The Cube Guys on its cover, this jubilee edition of the Sneakerz cd series has an international feel. You can but only try to put this under one label as it is house at its very best, recognizable but also inventive. Prok & Fitch and The Cube Guys not only bring their own tracks but also new productions by for example Hardwell, Filthy Rich, the Bingo Players and rising talent Kenquo.

Prok & Fitch
As a duo they have not been around for very long but it is clear English duo Ben Prok and James Fitch did not need too much time to make a name for themselves in the house scene. They met in 2006 in a record store and quickly discovered they shared the same taste for music. Their hard labour in the studio has been the main reason for success since then, helped by support from house icon Roger Sanchez. He signed the first release of ‘Outro Lugar’ onto his label Stealth Records, thus signalling their rise to fame.

Barely a year on, Prok & Fitch travel the world and bombard the house scene with their tracks and remixes at break-neck speed. Their popularity within the clubbing scene in The Netherlands has risen too, earning them a slot at the main stage during Sneakerz Festival. The men were really happy with their performance and praise the Dutch dance scene for its enthusiasm. “It was great,” Prok & Fitch said. “Great crowd and the weather helped too! As people here are really into dance it is the ideal place to try out our latest productions. They are always up for something new, which makes The Netherlands one of our favourite destinations.”

The Prok & Fitch sound lands well with the Dutch crowds, mainly due to the energetic rhythms, moving both classy venues and dark basements. The mix for ‘Sneakerz Vol. 10 – Festival’ fits this profile too according to them: “It is a good reflection of our gigs, combining the easily recognizable sounds we play in the bigger clubs with the more deep tracks we play in the smaller ones. There are some exclusive tracks in there too, one of them a new release on our label Floorplay. Our personal favourites are our own ‘Freakshow’ and ‘DBN – Asteroidz’, with a fantastic vocal!” News and updates on Prok & Fitch you’ll find at: and

The Cube Guys
The Cube Guys are an indicator of Italy having left behind the ‘italo’ age. The Italian duo, consisting of Roberto Intrallazzi and Luca Provera, are on the rise internationally. Before hooking up in 2000, both producers had quite a track record of their own already. In the eighties, at the very beginning of the house revolution, Roberto was one of the producers behind the F.P.I. project known for the international hit ‘Rich In Paradise’. Luca is also known as ‘Sugarfree’ and through his radio and various studio productions has evolved into a true studio professional.

Together Roberto and Luca now form an experienced house duo producing at a seriously high level. In The Netherlands they got noticed thanks to their remix of ‘Outwork – Elektro’, a track surfacing from the club scene onto the radio as a huge hit. They have been performing the world over ever since, seeing their stop-over in The Netherlands (and especially at Sneakerz) as especially important. “Our summer was great! We flew from The Netherlands to Canada, via Florida into Ibiza. Every stop was great, with great reactions from those who visited our gigs! Especially Sneakerz Festival was a lot of fun and amazing to play at,” said The Cube Guys. For more info on The Cube Guys please visit: and

More Sneakerz MUZIK – Official ADE Showcase
Missed your chance to see Prok & Fitch and The Cube Guys perform live at Sneakerz Festival? You’ll get another on Saturday October 24th as they will be visiting The Netherlands to perform at the Amsterdam Dance Event. In the lounge and studio of the Escape both duos will play at the Sneakerz MUZIK Official ADE Showcase. Pre-order your tickets at or for only 7,50 Euro, or for 10 Euro at the door.

Tracklisting Sneakerz Vol. 10 – Festival
1. Harrison Crump – Gone (Bingo Players Remix Intro)
2. Carl Tricks – Alive Feat. Dan’thony (Kenquo Remix)
3. Roog & Erick E pres. Housequake Feat. Anita Kelsey – Shed My Skin (Prok & Fitch Vocal Mix)
4. Prok & Fitch – Mundo (DJ Wady Mix)
5. Twotrups – The Cello Track (Namito’s Cello Kebab Remix)
6. Golden Girls – Kinetic (ATFC Mix)
7. Prok & Fitch – Freak Show
8. Hardwell – Twilight Zone
9. Filthy Rich – Luvstruck
10. DBN Feat. Madita – Asteroidz (Original)
11. The Cube Guys – Be Free (The Cube Guys Vokal Mix)
12. The Cube Guys – Love (The Cube Guys Vokal Mix)
13. Ralph Falcon Feat. Alex K & Alan T – Whateva (Peter Rauhofer Remix)
14. Abel The Kid – Tell Me (Abel’s Dub Mix)
15. The Cube Guys – Passion (The Cube Guys Vokal Mix)
16. Eric Entrena Feat. Cevin Fisher – Dirty Games (Original Mix)
17. Intrallazzi – Duet (The Cube Guys Mix)
18. Kenquo – J’s Cookie (Original Mix)



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