Matt Flores & Tyree Cooper pres. Goosebumpz feat. Wayne Darrin – Shining Lights


Matt Flores teams up with a true legend of house music: Tyree Cooper. True School Chicago, pimped up for 2009 with the unmistakable voice of Tyree Cooper demanding you to dance, feel yourself and the energy surrounding you.

For ” Shining Lights” they teamed up with Tyree´s old friend Wayne Darrin, formerly bassplayer w/ Body Count & one of the first real house Djs in Germany from NYC, Brooklyn, who brought Acidhouse to Munich.

A1: Original
Deep chords and fat bass stabs with just a touch of Disco rest on a straight congo driven House beat. Perfect deep house music suitable for warming up or late-night dancefloor sessions.
A2: Dub Version
The Dub version strippes the original down to the basic elements and catches you with a deep and hypnotizing spaced out groove.
B1: Channel-f Remix
Channel-f is the common project of Wolfgang Hoffer und Ryan Garcia. At the moment they are both living and working in Vienna. Their remix of Goosebumpz reaches out to Detroit house but with that European sensibilty towards fine production. Full of soul, keeping the chords from the original but twisting them. A hypnotising remix where Tyree Coopers vocals are not so much up-front but rather a part of the remix as a whole.
B2: Whare Remix
Simonlebon, CrisCo and Steve Sass are Whare and for this remix they take things way down. Again keeping close to the original they decide to take an “in to deep” approach, cutting up Tyree Cooper´s voice and building everything up to the breakdown, and then, bit by bit, building the track into a late night deep house groover. One for the deeper dancefloors out there.

RELEASE DATE: OCT 19th, 2009



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