Adam Walder aka Funkagenda – Words about music piracy and file-sharing



Stop Piracy – Adam Walder aka Funkagenda has a conversation through his twitter about music piracy and file-sharing.

Read some quotes from his Twitter account:
I do hope you all like my compilation… I did put a lot of hard work into it… Literally mixed my hands away to bloody stumps. Disapointing to see that of the promos that we sent out of my album some people decided to share it on the internet… How nice of them…
I mean really, you get sent music for FREE and all we ask is that you give us your thoughts and that you DON’T share it. Is that too hard??? WTF is wrong with people? You work in an industry that you are killing by filesharing… You are effectively signing your own P45 you cunts.
Honestly you people who are involved in filesharing just don’t fucking get it do you? You are not just ONE person… You are altering a collective world view on the cost of music. If you subscribe to the concept that music for YOU is free then you are letting others believe it is free for them too! You like my music? You like anyone elses music? THEN BUY IT!!! You want promos before anyone else? Then do what I had to do, and what all the people before me had to do… Work hard… Get Good… Then people will send you promos!!!
This belief people have that it is their god given right to take what they fucking want makes me sick to my stomach. The thing that worries me most is that the promo list for this album is small… And it was global Journalists. But you don’t seem to see that once the music industry is gone, you won’t have anything to write about you fuckwits!!!
Honestly I am so upset now. Watching the industry do this to itself is like watching a heroin addict slowly scag himself to death. Think of it this way people. We try to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. Do we really want them to think that theft of ANY kind is right? As the concept gets dliuted and they get to our age, what will THEY think it is ok to steal?
The internet is gonna get bigger and so are the possibilitys for crime… Quash this concept NOW! Just because a crime is faceless it does NOT make it ok… You just become part of a much bigger problem.
If I can’t convince you that music theft is still theft then you will go on stealing. So I just make my feelings heard to those who listen.
People keep telling me I have to “Adapt”… To what? The acceptance of crime? No thanks… And how exactly does a record label – a business that earns money from SELLING music – adapt to being unable to sell music?
It has honestly shocked me how many people are just ready to roll over and die on the piracy matter… Maybe we can’t change anything… but should we all turn around and say “Yeah ok whatever… Steal from me… I will adapt…” Fuck off…

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