Die Faser Part One – Cio D’Or | Prologue



“Die Faser” is starting. The first 12” part of Cio D´Or album appears to our senses. This release is all about “Goldbrokat”. Starting with a wonderful ambient intro track called “Zellulose” this one forecast the arrival of an marvelous Prologue release – Cio’s work is the musical interpretation of her personal sound passion: deepest and bass enriched synth structures build a phantastic world of liquid and transparent sound reliefs. The second side fulfils the promise with additional explanations from Donato Dozzy, dawdling and rapid. Donato´s picture follows the spirit of Cio´s music and deliever a awesome Ambient and Techno Remixe of Goldbrokat. This Release opens a series of 3 individual EPs with great remixers. Consume in club environment mandatory!


“Finally some minimalist techno comes out that can actually be called “minimal.” Although I can’t really fit Goldbrokat original mix into my dj sets, I love it immensely. That said, I will definitely be playing Donato’s Techno remix. Will run it this weekend, for sure.”
Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music)

“I like “Goldbrokat” the original and the techno remix of Donato. very good stuff :)”
Marc Miroir (Paso Music)

“donato’s remixes are great! original pretty hot too. nice package!”
Brendon Moeller (Third Ear / Echocord)

“full support for one of the most atmospheric releases i heard lately! ”
Stephan Bodzin (Systematic)

“beautifull atmosphere Will play A2 everywhere”
Laurent Garnier

“Great production, but a bit clean for me this time. Looking forward to hearing what comes next though…”
Perc (Perc Trax, CLR, Ovum)

“my fav is the dozzy techno mix, lovely and deep, reminds me of seeing him in the hills of japan..”
Oliver Ho (Blueprint/Meta)

“donato dozzy remix for me tony scott ”
Edit-Select (Ostgut Ton)

“review to follow”
Bleed (De:Bug)

“a brilliant release.. goldbrokat is epic and dark, the donato remix complements it very nicely .. takes me back to the early harthouse releases circa early 90s! many thanks”
Kevin Gorman ( Mikrowave )

“nice EP. cool album”
Benoît Carretier (Tsugi)

Mick Wilson (Dj Mag)

“I love the vibes on Goldbrokat original mix & the old-school feeling on the Donato Techno Rmx !”
Jérôme Viale (Tsugi)

“deep and sexy techno. Like A2 best. Donato’s techno rmx is good too, a tad bit progressive sounding for me but killer hypnotic groove…”
Josh Wink (Ovum Recordings)

“dozzy techno mix is dope, zellulose wind is cool as well. ”
Troy Pierce (Minus)

“great record i will be playing all tracks.”
Seth Troxler

“donato techno mix for me”
Hernan Cattaneo (Renaissance/Metrogroove 95.1)

“Very good stuff, here, really like the depth in the sounds!! ”
Joris Voorn (Green)

“Goldbrokat original mix is a GREAT track!! is the best track of the album i love this sound! ”
Giorgio Gigli (Prologue)

“my favs are the original of Goldbrokat and Dozzy’s techno remix. Swell!”
Peter Van Hoesen

“four great tracks. dozzy does an amazing job. perfect ep. ”
Tobias Staab (Groove Magazine)

“just love cio’s ambient tunes… zellulose wind is actually my favorite here. donato dozzy’s ambient remix is really subtle and beautiful as well. goldbrokat, however, i find seducing :)”
Electric Indigo


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