Filo & Peri present Debut Album NIGHTPLAY



The renowned DJs and producers are once again displaying their muscle and combining forces with illustrious talent to create nirvana in Nightplay, a truly unstoppable album. VANDIT’s New York boys offer something for every listener and know how to keep the hits coming.

Powerhouse vocalist Eric Lumiere kicks off with Back into our Lives and Off the Hook, delivering a swift one-two punch to amp your energy and set an electric scene for the album. A transport to the shimmering wonderland of Caicos Bay is complemented by Linnea Handberg’s graceful melody in Let You Know and Fisher’s ethereal notes in You. Soul and the Sun transcends perfect balance, again featuring Lumiere’s warm, delicious groove – juxtaposed by Fisher returning for All I Ask’s swimmingly cool interlude.

Around the corner is full-body, hypnotic stimulation with Bright Lights and Aruna’s stunning emotion in Ashley. Nick Stufano assists with heavy-hitters Music Matters and The Majestic – a tag team of chunky, whipping beats grinding their way across dance floors. Air in Phase strikes the iron while it’s hot, a vigorous stunner to keep feet moving. Fellow New Yorker Mike Saint-Jules takes the stage in Far From Reach, delivering the doctor’s orders: pure trance! Filo and Peri save some of the best for last with the slick driving beats of Black Ice and Amp’d Up – a smashing track that lives up to its name, forcing hands in the air and the volume dialed to 10.

Release: November 6th 2009
VANDIT Records


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