DJ Delicious & Till West – NYPD (Funkerman Remix)



It’s appropriate then that one of the founding fathers of Flamingo Recordings should choose to release NYPD as the next single on the European-based imprint. Revitalized for the 21st century by DJ Delicious and Till West and following on from their huge smash hit Same Man, the track comes with additional remixes from Funkerman and Alisson & Turner.

A progressive beast that has become a trademark sound for DJ Delicious and Till West, NYPD rolls with techno beats and an electro chic. Sitting comfortably on the most hardened dance floor as it would the most glamorous NYC hotspot, its bassline intertwines with its high synth sisters to make for a driving late night main room rocker.

Funkerman’s own remix not only captures the groove New York is famed for but offers up a succession of beats straight out of the techno manual. A darker affair than the original, he showcases an ability to capture the sound of the moment yet not distance himself from his funkier roots. Fierce vocal stabs, a driving melody and a string of sounds effects ciphered straight from what could be a 1980’s computer game, he delivers a perfect peak time tune with no hint of the NYPD blues.

Last but by no means least, Allison and Turner take the synths and multiply ten-fold to serve up another monster fit for any club. Enhancing those synths and the bass line from the original makes for a more intense experience whilst loading up on yet more techno beats.

DJ Comments/Quotes:
Mark Knight – This is awesome hammered it at the weekend went off!
Bob Sinclar – Very efficient for the clubs, a real floorfiller. I’ll definitely play it this summer!
Moguai – Cool new track!
Rene Amesz – OUCH!!! Not from this planet……Very good..
Baggi Begovic – Wow I was a big fan of original track fro while agoooo and the rework of it is amazing so I can say good job guys love it!
Michael Gray – This is great, will play out.
Shermanology – Dancefloor killer, played it in our set and its a bomb full Shermanology support!
Patric la Funk – Cool shit man! Thanks:-)
Henrik B – Sounds Awesome man!
Kolombo – BOMB!!!
Benjamin Bates – YEAH BABY! Thanks a bunch for sending this over. It has been a long time! This stuff is right up my alley. The original is a favourite of pretty much everybody I guess hehe. You’ve done an outstanding rework. I can see this grow big.
Flash Brothers – Big classic techno track from the 90’s, will play this wicked Funkerman remix tonight! Will rock!
Tom Leclerqc – This is a wicked track, takes us back to the old days with a Funkerman twist to this time, certainly in my playlist!!
Jasper Clash – New York it is! What an energetic remix this is! It will blow the roof at peak time! Will play for sure this weekend!


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