Artist Interview Tommigo aka The Cleaners



Your latest track „Greedy Rattle“ is going to be released soon on Konsulat. How did the track develop? What does it convey?
Tommigo: The track was a matter of luck. I was searching for bassdrums, as it happened that the bassdrum ran through a verb and afterwords a vocoder. I liked that sound very much, so I started to create “Greedy Rattle”, added a voicelike synthesizer and recorded the voice-sample. And I remember that arranging and mixing was really fun, cause this track can run for hours in a loop and still doesn´t get on your nervs – well, I guess 😉

“Greedy Rattle” has the honour to kick off the new label Konsulat. What does that mean to you?
Tommigo: Like you say – this is really a big honour! It seems like the Konsulat crew is running a good business and I hope both of us will have a profit out of it.

For twelve years you have been working professionally as a musician and sound engineer. What kind of projects are you involved with?
Tommigo: I try out everything – only one style or direction would not be good for me. I am getting bored too soon. I did scores for movies, sound for TV and advertising and I am working with artists. My own clubprojects are tommiGO and The Cleaners. But I also create downbeat and loungemusic as Leon Rodt. At the moment I am doing the sounddesign for a new game for children that´s gonna be out next year.

What fascinates you about electronic music more than about other styles?
Tommigo: It is definitely the kind of music, that brings out new ideas, styles and techniques of producing and creating sound. Nowhere you find so many neards and freaks – and I mean it in an absolutely positive way!

What can we expect from you next?
Tommigo: My next releases will be on Robeat5 Records. First the Munich House Mafia’s first E.P. and later the first Sir Ged single release, called Minimo. In January there will be a vocal house release by The Cleaners on System Records New York. And the new tommiGO is already at work. You will definitely hear from me!

Interview conducted by Alexandra Heine (Oudia)

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