Ralf GUM feat. Kafele “Complicated” – GOGO 040


GOGO Music starts the year 2010 with absolute hotness, as Ralf GUM feat. Kafele’s “Complicated” with remixes by Raw Artistic Soul, DJ Christos and Kafele is a surefire winner and following up a highly successful year 2009 in which all releases of the label hit the Top 10 sales charts on Traxsource.

There seems no stopping for Ralf GUM, as he just has another fantastic year in his career behind him. He played countless DJ gigs worldwide and had numerous highly successful releases in a row which all cemented Ralf’s standing at the top of his game. But Ralf does not rest on his laurels and steadily continues to put out exceptional songs. With “Complicated” he drops another outstanding recording that reflects his love for sexy tunes with astonishing freshness and prodigious deepness. This time he teamed up with Kafele, who he remixed already for the praised “Above the sky” release on his GOGO Music label. Ralf’s Main Mix is a musical rich pearl with the right vibe for the dance-floor or just pure listening pleasure.

Kafele, trumpeter, composer and producer, has been playing the trumpet for over 18 years. He attributes his love and appreciation for the art to his father who often listened to recordings of John Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis among others. As a by-product of becoming a Chicago resident for about 7 years, Kafele was inundated with lively, upbeat house music. This musically enriched background provided the influences that helped cultivate his unique sound. On his release with Andy Compton on GOGO Music, he already proved that he is not only a top trumpeter, but as well a great vocalist. His heartfelt vocal-performance for “Complicated” testaments this again. Kafele was that much into the song that he did a remix of it and the result is lovely lounge version with a completely new brass hook.

Releasedate Vinyl: 08th of February 2010.



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