Stop Lying – Yo Amigee – Mothership



Welcome to mothership 2010. We’ve made some big changes over here at the labels and we hope to provide you with some crazy new shit this year.

The 1st release of the new decade is by Rusty James. He is a new guy in the game. This track was given to me from our friend Gavin Herlihy. It is a cool combo of old school filter house with hip-hop sensibilities. It always works really really well when i play it. (so i play it often!)

Subb-an I met in Birmingham ages ago. He made a monster track a few years ago that i originally tried to sign but couldn’t and we have kept in touch ever since. This is a late night killer. It’s mainly just beats and bass but it really works with the peaks and valleys placed just right. Dangerous stuff.

DJ Feedback
Emerson Todd – stop lying is the one for me.. love the drops. .. cant wait to play it out
James Talk – hot! yo amiogee is dope! love stop lying, i cant place the sample…argh.
SV4 – Digging Stop Lying, want to hear it out for sure.
Alex G – Yo Amigee is the one! Feeling that boom boom boomb!
Maetrik – Stopy Lying is smoooth and sweet with nice nice bass. My fav of the two….thanks !!
Nikola Baytala – massive tribal track for miami wmc 2010
shir khan – I absolutely love the Hip Hop Vine in STOP LYING. I remember that NINE also used the same sample and I have been a big fan of that sample when I was into Hip Hop. Y0 Amigee sounds big. Will test.
Ewan Pearson – Like the Rusty James track a lot – the sample works very nicely. The other side a bit too straight up percussion workout for me. Thank you for the music!
Itzone – Itzone (Dirtybird) – Rusty James tracks is for me, like the drive on this one
Matt Tolfrey – Really liking both tracks here, Rusty James is defo one to watch out for, he is doing some work for us on our new digi label for Leftroom called Left’d.
jeff samuel – stop lying is a great oldschool cut
robert johnson – stop lyying reminds me of the good ol days. love the original sample !! yo amigee could have a lil bit smarter bassline. but hey ! it will do the big floor smash for shure ! thanks
Sian – nice feverish house vibes..
Thomas Schumacher – Stop Lying. Please.
lucas – Stop Lying! W.O.W! Back to the Bronx with that one.
Kiki – 2 nice trax here! i see myself playing “stop lying” every chance i get, but “yo amigee” could also do well at places like panorama bar, when the daylight kicks in and you switch up a gear…
Sacha Robotti // Robosonic DJ Team – Good morning ! “Stop Lying” has this melancholic mid/end 90s house track feel, i like it since i grew up with this kind of sound. Happy 2010
Ryan Crosson – stop lying seems like it could be a real winner. will try out thanks!
MOWGLI – First of all I have to say the artworks are always amazing!!! Then that I really love Stop Lying, it’s the stuff I’m playn now..cheers
Todd Bodine – WOW. What a great EP!!! I love both tracks. Amazing baselines. I cant wait to plai them.
Ralf Kollmann – thanks and all the best for the new decade!
Dj Heather – Very nice way to start the year.
Voodeux – Stop Lying is some super nice house music.
Justin Long – Great tune! Stopy Lying is the one for me!


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