TERM072 – KAISERDISCO – The Early Bird EP



A1: Kaiserdisco – Dark Orbit
Occasional dashes of warm synth give this otherwise eerie techno track a nice club feel, with plenty of heavy buzzing build-ups to keep the dance floor cooking!

B1: Kaiserdisco – The Early Bird
A nice techhouse number that will work nicely in any DJ set! Chattering vocal snippets are layered over a deep groove with plenty of lush audio textures.

B2: Kaiserdisco – Smoke City
Rounding out the EP with big claps and lots of dense rolling bass to keep the groove going. Smooth but thick and clubby at the same time. You can’t help but move your dancing feet.

DJ Reactions on TERM072
Florian Meindl:
Cool beats, I like “Smoke City” !
Sounding fat as usual!!! 8/10
Great EP! 8/10
Philip Straub:
LOVE the release! Again Kaiserdisco on their best! Honestly my top act in terms of productions at the moment! 10/10
Matthew Hoag:
Always been a fan of those two amazing artists. This EP is again a bomb! 9/10
Joseph Capriati:
Dark Orbit is a bomb! Full support!
The Terminal M release is great! I will play Early Bird.
Great tunes!! Will play!!
Smoke City rocks. I love Kaiserdisco stuff. 8/10
Mihalis Safras:
Wird gespielt! Excellent release! A1 my fav. 10/10
Slam (Orde):
Great label – strong release.


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3 Responses to “TERM072 – KAISERDISCO – The Early Bird EP”

  1. 1 Dj-Ry

    hum. i don know that

  2. kaiserdisco only bombs!

  3. 3 owen kitto


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