Moguai ‘We ar Lyve’ – Album released April 26th on Mau5trap Recordings



As the first artist other than Deadmau5 to release an album on the deceased rodent’s own record label, Mau5trap, German producer Moguai certainly has big boots to fill and on the evidence of his debut artist project ‘WE AR LYVE’, global superstardom beckons – believe the hype!

Due for release April 26th, the long-player comes off the back of ‘ZYVOX’ and ‘Lyve/Impereal’, which took 2009 by storm and underlined the colossus potential originally spotted by Mau5 HQ. With forthcoming hit EP ‘Nyce/Blau’ acting to the as a prime cut precursor ten track record, it is with no doubt that 2010 will see Moguai slot appropriately into the electronic music hierarchy.

The album’s organic ability to take you on an audible journey means no sooner are you drawn into the mercurial melee via ‘LSD’, than you are enticed on to the fictional dance floor. ‘ZYVOX’, Moguai’s first release on Mau5trap last year, treads the fine line between deep, proggy house and stadium techno without over doing it, just merely coaxing you in with subtle yet euphoric demeanour.

A broad range of influences begins to peer through along the way; ‘Flex, Rex, Mansion’ is major nod to the hip-hop cum electro era in the 80s, not least with the vocal, but also the construction of the track as a whole.

Halfway point ‘Oyster’ encompasses the melodic house sound that has swept the globe in recent time. The progressive, poetic masterpiece acts perfectly to serve up the following, ‘Blau’ and ‘Nyce’, on a plate. Two records we’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming months.

The relentless collection further accelerates towards the end of the album with the formidable pairing of ‘Electra’ and ‘Ataque.’ Both uncompromising techno at their best, ‘Electra’ boasts everything you expect from the title, prime time electronica cut from the finest European cloth; big synths, heavy beats and bucket loads of energy. ‘Ataque’ offers an alternative platter with its fragmented kicks forming the bedrock to a track that intensifies throughout and exhibits everything experimental about Moguai.

Rounding off ‘WE AR LYVE’ proceedings, rather appropriately, is the tune that took over 2009. A piece of Balearic brilliance, ‘Lyve’ gracefully seeps into your consciousness whilst the simplistic nature of the melody tells a story of euphoria in far more credible means than attempted before; dually complemented by an understated yet bold construction of bass, rhythms and dream like nostalgia. Catalogue under – ‘end of the night; life changer.’


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