The third release of Konsulat is called the Spiders Crossing EP


All good things come in threes – so there’s the third release of Konsulat and it’s called the Spiders Crossing EP. It features two tracks of Black Bending, which is a new alter ego of the Berlin based producer Stivo. To it there are remixes from Eric Torsen, Patrick Arbez and Wasabi.

The first track “Spiders Crossing” is filled with a lot of very clear sounds that seem to really have fun dancing with each other along to the massive deep bassline. There are two remixes of “Spiders Crossing”. Both take the most important elements of the original and accent them in a different way, staying close to the clubby style of the original. One remix comes from Eric Torsen, the rising star from Italy. His Remix is arranged in a straighter way and it is more melodic. A second remix made by Patrick Arbez takes the ghostly feel of the original and creates a melancholic Techno tune.

The second track Black Bending has produced for this EP is called “Wireless”. It also is a very playful and modern Techno track with some extremely driving melodies. A remix to “Wireless” is made by Wasabi from Greece. His Deep Tech Remix stands for House music on this EP. Wasabi uses a really relaxing vibe that gets under your skin.

The Spiders Crossing EP with two tracks by Black Bending and three remixes provides cutting-edge Techno music dedicated to the floor or at least to be listened to very loud.

Black Bending – Spiders Crossing (Original)
Black Bending – Spiders Crossing (Eric Torsen Remix)
Black Bending – Spiders Crossing (Patrick Arbez Remix)
Black Bending – Wireless (Original)
Black Bending – Wireless (Wasabi Deep Tech Remix)
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