Svenson & Gielen Classics Get Remixed


A decade ago the legendary duo Svenson & Gielen stormed the world with hit singles such as ‘The Beauty Of Silence’ and ‘Twisted’. Now 10 years later a selection of their biggest hits are being remixed for an official re-release.

The first remix in this series came out back in June. Dutch rising stars W&W teamed up with Swedish talent Jonas Stenberg and gave Svenson & Gielen’s first ever single ‘The Beauty Of Silence’ a 2010 treatment.

The second single ‘Twisted’ is out as of this week with a mighty remix by Jochen Miller. He dusted of the original and gave it some shiny 2010 polish. As Jochen said: “ It’s was great to do a remix of this classic. I wanted to keep the energy and vibe of the original alive, but at the same time make it more up-to-date. Ever since I started to test it in my sets, I had people asking me which mix it was. To me it shows how big the original was in the first place.”

Svenson & Gielen stormed the world in 2000 with the single ‘The Beauty Of Silence’, but it was their next single ‘Twisted’ who catapulted them into stardom. Many singles followed and one album ‘The Beauty Of Silence’, which is the only ever album to come from Svenson & Gielen.

The Jochen Miller remix is of ‘Twisted’ out as of this week. More remix releases from Svenson & Gielen singles will be released in the next few weeks and months. Remixes and Remixers will be revealed on a later date through:


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