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Fruitroom feat. Sesch – You Make Me Smile (Budai & Vic Remix) iTunes: Beatport: Fruitroom has long stopped being an unknown element in the House music scene. In addition to a number of his own tracks – like his biggest success to-date “All This Time” – he has also produced popular remixes, e.g. […]

IBIZA SPA SESSIONS Vol.1 – this is the beginning of a wonderful voyage to the isle of Ibiza and its unmistakable world of wellness. Soothing sounds enriched with ethno elements become a mirror of our senses and invite you into a land of relaxation & dreams. Submerge your body & mind in the joys of […]

Their first release topped the Trackitdown Minimal Deep Charts for more than a week. Now Konsulat is attacking the floors again with the Electro bomb ‘Low Banger’, which comes up with five extraordinary and genre-specific remixes. Sandra Gold and La Sash are a famous part of Munich’s Techno scene for more than 10 years now. […]

The unconventional Techno Vibes of Daniel L’s tracks is not so unusual as might thought. The deep Industrial Techno elements and the way it has been build in the tunes are heavily modulated with a touch of deep experimental noise and simple Organ synth. The well know 90 Techno style is getting back and is […]

One day we turned our transmitter antennas sharp east and managed to obtain signals from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. And what sounds we recieved! The most beautiful minimal techno soundscapes, carrying underlying echoes of the Siberian wilderness and disintegrated post Sovietian dreams. As a service for the greater good we pressed record, compressed and packaged it up […]

The next release from the Munich based label Robeat5 Records is a House Bomb by the Supreme Sluts. The two Germans also have releases on Konsulat or Plasmapool so far and present now again a mind- and floor-blowing House track with deep touching basslines, funny sing along lyrics, catchy hihats and a great melody. And […]

Founded by seasoned veterans Doc Link (known for his collaborations with Roy Davis Jr.) and EMan (known for multiple singles, including the classic “It’s Yours”) Liberate Recordings looks to merge its roots in the histories of Chicago and New York house music to create a whole new, exciting deep house flavor. Bringing their soulful sounds […]

One of Dessous’ most prolific and much-loved artists, Phonique has cast a spell over the electronic scene that simply doesnt wear off. ‘For The Time Being’, featuring the beautiful lazy-cool vocals of Erlend Oye – of Whitest Boy Alive fame – is another perfect Phonique spell full of hazy dreamin’ subleties and smooth flowing reflective […]

Fresh off the Flamingo conveyor-belt of talent, R.O.N.N. and Thice Santoro teamed up to drop a progressive bomb straight from the manual of their label counterparts. What? became an anthem at the Flamingo Nights weekly residency on the White Isle at Pacha. So much so in fact that label bosses Fedde le Grand and Funkerman […]

AFU limited is proud to present their new digital division AFUNET! The first release for Beatport is a Christmas special: Heckmann and Butch present their first collaboration fruits in form of this Christmas digital only and Beatport exclusive special first release for the brand new digital department of AFU Limited called AFUNET! Inspired by famous […]