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A decade ago the legendary duo Svenson & Gielen stormed the world with hit singles such as ‘The Beauty Of Silence’ and ‘Twisted’. Now 10 years later a selection of their biggest hits are being remixed for an official re-release. The first remix in this series came out back in June. Dutch rising stars W&W […]

The purest, most touching trance tracks are all based upon emotions. Real emotions, whether that be happiness, grief or true euphoria. Producers find their inspiration in all sorts of happenings and turn it into another anthem to trigger those memorable moments on the floor. Unfortunately, it was a sad event that inspired Robert Nickson to […]

Step by step with ease Max Cooper creates a build up that leads to a cut up–collage break that picks up on that Bauhausesque ghostly atmosphere which by then you realise will be the theme of this track. Release date: 5th April 2010

“What happens in Vegas will no longer stay in Vegas…” – Markus Schulz, Jan 2010. Touching down in new cities is almost as much a part of being a DJ as working the turntables themselves – a fact that’s never been lost on one of the world’s biggest DJs, Markus Schulz. In the last five […]

Amsterdam, January 2010 – High quality trance & tech-trance will be the main focus of the brand new label of number one Irish DJ and producer John O’Callaghan. The Subculture label, the 26th imprint to be part of Armada Music, kicked off January 18th with a release by the label-owner himself. This is perfect timing […]

Number two in Dan Brasco’s triplet of concept EP:s is yet another elegant synthesizer journey. Over a steady beat the different melodies play around and together they create a dreamy atmospheric experience. Dark yet playful with just the right amount of retro feel added to it. If you’re into labeling life, than maybe slomo minimal […]

The amount of music that has passed thought through Paul van Dyk’s weekly radio show VONYC Sessions throughout this year is to be relentless whittled down by the DJ, producer and show host himself for the brand new VANDIT Records compilation instalment “VONYC Sessions 2009”. A collection of the electronic highlights that have been road […]

What a difference a year makes… 12 months ago Garuda was but a word & a concept in the mind of a DJ/Producer. Now it’s a record label, a club night and a rapidly crystallizing sound in its own right. Much the same can be said of its creator, Gareth Emery. This time last year […]

The renowned DJs and producers are once again displaying their muscle and combining forces with illustrious talent to create nirvana in Nightplay, a truly unstoppable album. VANDIT’s New York boys offer something for every listener and know how to keep the hits coming. Powerhouse vocalist Eric Lumiere kicks off with Back into our Lives and […]

If there has been one record which made a huge impact in the whole dance scene it’s for sure Wippenberg’s ‘Chakalaka’. From leading house heads like Ingrosso, Guetta, Prydz and Morillo to trance kings like: Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Marco V.The record was simply everywhere and not going away. It’s been quite […]