Arnaud Rebotini aka Black Strobe Interview

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SoundReflect Interview
Arnaud Rebotini aka Black Strobe on his new album „Music Components“

Arnaud Rebotini

SoundReflect: Your new album „Music Components“ has been released a couple of weeks ago. A lot of the music on it is the result of a few jamming days in studio. Can you describe the atmosphere in which the album developed?
Arnaud Rebotini: The atmosphere in which the album developed, was pleasure the pleasure to play with a nice set up build to make dance people, the pleasure to find again this amazing real analog sound a used on this album. But about the few jamming days, it was just for the basis, the whole production process was four or five months long.

SoundReflect: „Music Components“ is being released on Process Records and it’s your first release here. How did you and the label come together, came up the idea to release the album here?
Arnaud Rebotini: They licenced my album thru Citizen Records in France.

SoundReflect: For „Music Components“ you took out again your music machines like TR 808 and SH 101. How came the idea to make the album the analog way?
Arnaud Rebotini: I was a bit bored to produce music with a laptop, what I have done with Blackstrobe since 2003 or 2004. I was a bit bored by virtual synth sound. So wanna change my way to produce music. In the same time i wanna do a new live show for clubs but without using laptop. I just wanna do a real show… so I replug my old machines that this way the album came.

SoundReflect: So in your live setup there is no laptop, but only drum machines and synthesizers. Sounds like a lot of luggage, why is that important to you?
Arnaud Rebotini: For my live is the key thing and using a laptop for me is not my idea to play live, for me playing live is playing on instruments… so yes i have a lot of luggage but i’m a pretty tall guy so that’s ok for me.

SoundReflect: You are part of the band Blackstrobe. After the clubhit „Italian Fireflys“ there was the album „Burn Your Own Church“ from 2007, which turned more to rock music. You are said to be working on a new album, so how is it going and into which direction?
Arnaud Rebotini: The new blackstrobe will more electronic then „Burn your own church“. „Music Components“ put me back into dance music.

SoundReflect: Blackstrobe is a real band who performs songs on stage. As Arnaud Rebotini you are a dance music DJ and live act. And you have another alias called Zend Avesta where you publish some slower, jazzy electronica. Which project do you feel the closest to?
Arnaud Rebotini: All are a part of myself… but now i’m really into Music components, and the new Blackstrbe tracks i’m producing these days.

SoundReflect: Sometimes you produce other people’s music, too, for example the Penelopes’ album. What do you like about this work?
Arnaud Rebotini: Now I ’m just finishing to work on „Something Ala mode“ a french duo which is mixing classical music and dirty electro sound, their album is amazing. I like to produce other people’s music because I like meet other musicians and other music, and try to bring something to them.

SoundReflect: in the mid 90s you regularly played at fabric in london what helped you to get the first bookings in europe. you had your first release in 1999, but it was actually the year 2007 when you started to earn a lot of recognition and attention. sounds like a hard way to the top of the dj- and producer-scene…?
Arnaud Rebotini: no i think it was good, because you learn your craft well. you are not just a producer that dj’s. i mean i have earnt a living off of djing for nearly ten years so it’s not bad…

(interview conducted by Digital EGO Media Services for SoundReflect and housefloor webmag, march 2009)

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