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SoundReflect Interview
Demarkus Lewis

Demarkus Lewis

SoundReflect: In 2008 your new alter ego Leech has shown up for the first time with two releases on Conya Records and Grin Music. How does it differ from the music you release as Demarkus Lewis?
Demarkus Lewis: Well the ‘Leech’ is more the techno side of my production. I take the influences I’ve been exposed to thru the new younger generation of producers. Although it is more digital in sound I still manage to keep it deep in nature.

SoundReflect: For just under a decade you have released over 100 singles and remixes. What inspires you so that you can be so productive?
Demarkus Lewis: I truly love making music. It has become an addiction of sorts. To be able to express the way you feel with sound is truly a gift from a higher power. I’ve released so much music that sometimes I go back and listen to my catalog and it takes me right back to the day I wrote it.

SoundReflect: Your releases vary from Deep House to Techno/Techhouse. How do you define your own style in music?
Demarkus Lewis: Ha.. I honestly couldn’t tell you what ‘MY Sound’ is. I guess if I had to sum it up in one word it would be ‘HOUSE’.. I mean sometimes I like it deep and other times it’s head banging against the wall energy driven beats. It really depends on the mood I’m in or when I’m djing it’s about what vibe the crowd is asking for.

SoundReflect: You launched your label Grin Music in 2005. With which philosophy do you run it?
Demarkus Lewis: Grin Music is truly just an outlet for me to put out whatever I want to when I want to. Over the years I’ve put out soulful releases as well as Peak hour club tracks. Grin is for those who know and in that it’s really an underground label.

SoundReflect: You have joined forces with a label partner German DJ/Producer Maxime Cescau to bring forth your new label ‘Planet Math’. Please tell us about this project!
Demarkus Lewis: Planet math is a new project i’ve started with my mate Max Cescau. Strictly Techno/Elek-tech with the first onslight of releases due at the end of the summer.

SoundReflect: You originally come from Dallas and you now live in London. Why did you move to England and how has this influenced your music?
Demarkus Lewis: I needed a change things up a bit. The most will admit that this ‘House’ thing started in the States. Few will admit that the progression has been due to Europe. Being around these new techniques of production has helped me learn a lot and truthfully just being around all these talented producers has helped me with more of a ‘forward’ way of thinking.

Demarkus Lewis

Demarkus Lewis

SoundReflect: You started DJing in 1990 and have travelled the whole world playing in the clubs. Can you please tell about some special party, place or moment you have experienced?
Demarkus Lewis: I’ve experienced some really great parties over the years. To name a few I guess I could say playing Tresor in Berlin was really great with my mate Phonique. Snow Fest 2005 in Santiago, Chile was massive also. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Republic of Georgia, Chicago, Stompy in San Francisco the list goes on and on. Wow just thinking back I realize how fortunate I’ve been over the years.

SoundReflect: Nowadays there are several ways to spin records: vinyl, mp3, cds… What do you use for DJing?
Demarkus Lewis: I’ve been playing mostly CDs for a few years now. I have peers that play with programs like Traktor and Ableton which if used right can be amazing tools.

SoundReflect: What are your plans for the next months?
Demarkus Lewis: My plans for the next few months include working in the studio on various remixes and original material. I have quite a few things coming out soon also so the next few months will be busy.

(interview conducted by Digital EGO Media for SoundReflect and Housefloor Webmag, June 2009)


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