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SoundReflect Interview
Gui Boratto on his new album „Take my breath away“, out on Kompakt

Gui Boratto

SoundReflect: Your new album „Take my breath away“ is out in march. how did it develop? was there a certain idea of what it should sound like to guide you while producing?
Gui Boratto: Not at all. I don’t think too much when i’m producing. of course in the middle-end of the process i have a general notion and think about the direction, maybe to prevent the album to be too mellow, too sad or too boring, but in a very unconcerned way.

Which track on „take my breath away“ is your own favorite and why?
Gui Boratto: i have a few favorites. besides is one of them, because of the guitars and the general mood this song transmit. also take my breath away track, that i love the drive synth. i love how organic the whole track sounds.

You mainly produce with hardware. which machine was especially important for „take my breath away“?
Gui Boratto: I think my two last acquisitions: my sh-09 and an mc-202, which i’ve been using with my boss super over drive guitar pedal.

the german label kompakt has been very important in your career so far. there have been released some successful eps, your first album in 2007 and now the new album. what connects you to kompakt?
Gui Boratto: music, of course. but now, i really feel part of the family. i have a very good relation with Michael and Wolfgang, the owners of the label.

Your first single in europe has been released in 2005 and since then you have consequently released on labels such as plastic city, harthouse, circle, k2 and audiomatique. how did you manage to attract the attention of so many well-known imprints?
Gui Boratto: I think the attraction comes because of the music. of course these labels have similarities on their releases. my music has a lot in common with them.

Before focusing on techno you have worked for major companies and produced for artists for many years. why did you decide to change this and completely go for techno?
Gui Boratto: techno always was my main passion. I think I was tired to continue working with major companies. I think I’ve wanted to do my own music, to control all of my decisions.

You’re not a dj in the classic sense as you always play live sets at your gigs in clubs. what equipment do you use and what do you do in the last five minutes before the gig starts?
Gui Boratto: I use a laptop, an rme audio/midi interface, a multitouch french controller lemur by jazzmutant, an usb bitstream controller, like a mixer and a handmade controller monome, made by 2 guys from philadelphia. 5 minutes before my gig, i use to check my 50 different max/msp screens that control my 16 step sequencer i’ve designed for my lemur.

You live in Sao Paolo and have rented an apartment in Barcelona so that your wife and your little daughter can come along when you are on tour in europe. are you family person? does you family influence your music?
Gui Boratto: Yes i am. and of course they have a big influence on my music. especially my wife luciana. she has such a great taste. she’s always saying, “gui, this is really nice, this is so cheesy…”

Will there be a tour connected to your new album? what else can we expect from you in the near future?
Gui Boratto: Yes, i have a tmba tour coming on end of this month in the us and canada. also, another summer tour, really based on my new album, between june and july.

(interview conducted by Digital EGO Media Services for SoundReflect and housefloor webmag, march 2009)

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