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SoundReflect Interview
Jesse Rose on his new album “what do you do if you don’t?”

Jesse Rose

SoundReflect: your first solo album was out in february. you took your time to produce it, three years altogether always interrupted by djing, making mix-compilations and remix jobs. what now is being released is the third complete version of the album. sounds like you are a perfectionist. can you describe the process of producing the album?
Jesse Rose: the quality control has been set as high as possible by dave taylor (the anr) and myself to hopefully create an album that can be enjoyed ten years from now. i did most of the work in six straight weeks and then took a year to finish it and added some new tracks like ‘forget my name’ with hot chip.

SoundReflect: in the album there are some strong vocals. can your own voice be heard in one of the tracks? how do you choose the vocalists you work with and how do the songs evolve?
Jesse Rose: i’m not much of a singer so i stayed out of the picture but the voices of joe & alexis from hot chip, david e suger also from london and the incredible beat box band from tokyo can all be heard, although i did whistle on ‚well now’.

SoundReflect: the album is called “what do you do if you don’t?”. how did you choose the title and is there a message in it?
Jesse Rose: because when dave taylor asked me to the album it was like “what do you do if you don’t?” make this album. i said it and dave said lets use that as the name of the album.

SoundReflect: your productions never stop at style boundaries, instead you tie different styles together. how do you define your sound and way of making music?
Jesse Rose: i like to discribe my sound as batty tango house with a twist of lime. i like to make tracks from how i feel, sometimes deep, sometimes funny, sometimes boring, it depends on the day and the non house music i’m listing to.

SoundReflect: a few years ago you moved from london to berlin. why did you decide to do that and does living in berlin have an influence on your music, if so how?
Jesse Rose: i just fancied a change. i love so much about london but felt like berlin had that extra chill factor that i kind of needed after ten full on years of work & play in london. i’m in berlin about eight full weeks of the year (if you put all the days together) and i love it, you can walk home from the club without getting robbed by a crackhead (not that i ever really do, i’m normally to drunk to walk..).

SoundReflect: you have three labels: front room recordings, made to play and loungin’ recordings. with which philosophies do you run them?
Jesse Rose: for the last two years i’ve only been running two labels front room and made to play as my good friend chris belsey took over loungin’ as that was more his thing. saying that we are about to start a new label for deeper cuts on made to play. the labels cover all sides of house and techno with front room more on the techno side and made to play representing modern jacking house.

SoundReflect: you have an alter ego called content. how does this project differ from what you release as jesse rose?
Jesse Rose: yeah, content is all about the deeper cuts like ‚the tribute’ on front room last year. content is totally free to make a very slow house track or a mid tempo techno record.

SoundReflect: in the mid 90s you regularly played at fabric in london what helped you to get the first bookings in europe. you had your first release in 1999, but it was actually the year 2007 when you started to earn a lot of recognition and attention. sounds like a hard way to the top of the dj- and producer-scene…?
Jesse Rose: no i think it was good, because you learn your craft well. you are not just a producer that dj’s. i mean i have earnt a living off of djing for nearly ten years so it’s not bad…

(interview conducted by Digital EGO Media Services for SoundReflect and housefloor webmag, march 2009)

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