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SoundReflect Interview
Laidback Luke on his youngest mix-compilation “stealth live”

Laidback Luke

SoundReflect: shortly your new mix-compilation “stealth live” has been released. what is special about this mix-compilation?
Laidback Luke: the thing that made it very special to me is that I mixed the compilation in front of a live audience. it was a tricky one because any little mistake is being recorded! luckily I could keep my cool and we had a fantastic audience! you can still hear them on the cd, the audience is a part of the mix also!

SoundReflect: your connection to roger sanchez and his label stealth has startet to build in 2007 with the compilation „afterdark vol. 3“. how did you two get to know each other and find out that your music fits quite well to the stealth sound?
Laidback Luke: roger and I share the same manager. so it’s a very small link from there to stealth. I owe a lot of my international exposure to roger and stealth. they have pushed me a lot in the days nobody wanted to hear anything from me! I really had to proove I was worthy though, and I have actually been working hard to convince roger and the team since 2004.

SoundReflect: at the moment you are planning a new album. can you already reveal any details? is there a concept what the album shall be like?
Laidback Luke: no, I don’t really have a concept. the thing is, I saw a lot of my remixes and bootlegs do very well these last couple of years. I did so many remixes, like 2 every week! for the last two years I didn’t have the time to make my own tracks. so, at the moment, i’ve stopped doing remixes completely and working on new material now.

SoundReflect: you are founder of the clubnight „nighttime superheroes“ which you started in 2008. you regularly invite interesting djs to club paradiso in amsterdam. why did you decide to start the clubnight and what do you want offer to the partypeople?
Laidback Luke: it’s nice to throw your own parties! every party feels like a birthday to me. the paradiso is a legendary venue in amsterdam and the vibe is always instantly good there! to get the opportunity to host my own night there is a dream come true! it’s all about the superheroes, but what the people don’t realise is that they are the real superheroes!

SoundReflect: over the 15 years you have been producing your sound has developed and also went through a harder and more minimal period around the year 2000. why did you finally return to the melodic side of house music?
Laidback Luke: yeah, just before 2000 I was really techno and wanted to look for the boundaries in energy in my music. I reached that boundary and got really fed up with producing techno. at one point I had to make a choice, either stop making music or make music with all the influences that were not techno. obviously I chose for the last and it turned out there was a more melodic, non-techno side of me dying to get out!

SoundReflect: a few times you have teamed up with a colleague for production such as with steve angello, tom de neef and a-trak. how do you choose the people you go to the studio with? or do you in general prefer working on your own?
Laidback Luke: I spend a lot of studio time on my own. I love to work on my own, it’s great! but collaborating is fun also. especially when it’s someone who’s in the same frame of mind in production. this way you can make tracks that are a bit of you and a bit of them. I mostly work with friends or people I really admire!

SoundReflect: you have done a huge number of remixes as well, only within the last two years for artists such as david guetta, alex gaudino, underworld, bob sinclar and cyndi lauper. how do you approach a remix?
Laidback Luke: I always pick out the things in an original track which I think are good. something I can work with and take it to a next level. sometimes I got tracks sent were I didn’t find that kind of inspiration and then I just have to turn a request down unfortunately.

SoundReflect: how did you find your dj-name? are you a laid-back person? well, your dj-sets and tracks aren’t laid-back at all…
Laidback Luke: ha ha, yes I know! when I dj i’m pretty much opposite of how I am in person. as a person i’m really laidback!

SoundReflect: at the early age of eighteen you got your first record deal. did you already then decide to earn your living with electronic music production and djing or when did you decide to focus on your music carrer?
Laidback Luke: I just loved making music with a computer. discovering that, I knew I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. when I got my record deal, back in 1995, I was still going to school. it was only in late 1998 that I needed to think if I could make a living from it or not. luckily, my djing got really good in 1999 and I could finally live of my hobby!

SoundReflect: what can we expect from you in the near future? do you still have any long-term aims or dreams that you would like to achieve in electronic music business?
Laidback Luke: one of my goals is achieving internationally what I have achieved in my home country the last seven years. it was wonderfull being able to be an inspiration to so many new and upcoming djs and producers in the netherlands. inspiring people to me is one of the most rewarding things in what I do and I want to take that to an international level. that’s why I put so much effort in helping new kids out on my forum on i’m there every day giving tips and advice. building a new, fresh, healthy and massive house scene is what it’s all about. I thank house music for the pleasure, joy and inspiration it has given me and I would love to be able to pass that on to the next generation!

(interview conducted by Digital EGO Media Services for SoundReflect and housefloor webmag)

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