Ibiza Spa Sessions Volume 1

IBIZA SPA SESSIONS Vol.1 – this is the beginning of a wonderful voyage to the isle of Ibiza and its unmistakable world of wellness.

Soothing sounds enriched with ethno elements become a mirror of our senses and invite you into a land of relaxation & dreams. Submerge your body & mind in the joys of an Ayurveda massage or a fragrant bath – there is no limit to your fantasy.

IBIZA SPA SESSIONS Vol. 1 – that means 16 carefully selected musical gems, including a special Chris Le Blanc SPA-Remix
of the Café del Mar hit “Enjoy Your Life”. The album will be released in the summer on the label Karmaloft music, which is already responsible for the album “Fruits Of The Land” of the exclusive SPA resort “Atzaró Ibiza”.
Listen, relax & enjoy – an invitation that not only SPA aficionados should follow.

1. The Sensual View – Masan & Miyabi
2. Enjoy Your Life (SPA-Mix) – Chris Le Blanc
3. Temple Of Light – Masan & Zen K.
4. Astral Waters – Chris Le Blanc
5. Duality – Roberto Sol
6. The Sunrise Experience – L’Art Mystique
7. Spirit Of Ashram – Zen K. feat. Revena
8. Slow Love In Motion (Chill Mix) – Sunyata Project
9. Sagariha – Worldbeat Corp.
10. Slow Motion Memories – Roberto Sol
11. El Sueno Del Mar – Sangre De La Tierra
12. Underwater Twilight – L’Art Mystique
13. Mind Of Joy – Roberto Sol
14. Le Jardin Secret – L’Art Mystique
Label: Karmaloft Music
Format: Digital
Genre: Chill Out / World / Ethno



Various Artists – Nassau Beach Club Ibiza 2011 – Kontor
CD1 – mixed by Alex Kentucky
01. Kwamey & Franky Boissy – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Late Night Mix)
02. Acos Coolkas feat. Metropoliz – Miracle (Dima Promo & Elastic Sound Remix)
03. Audioflakes – Inessa
04. Morning Factory – Daddy’s Groove
05. Alex Kentucky feat. Malin Bolay – Golden Crown
06. Alex Kentucky & Javi Viana feat. Malin Norbeck – Tributo A Miguel Garji
07. Salinas feat. Noè – For Eternity (UruMusicArt Vocal Remix)
08. Intensity of Sound feat. Kim Bennett – Drifting Away (Sub Sonic Vocal Mix)
09. Phillipp Ort – Paris Nights (Inxec & Matt Tolfrey Remix)
10. Viana & Miguel Garji – The Black Mountain (Soul Minority Mix)
11. Hector Couto & Santi Garcia feat. Pablo Fierro – Let The Music Play
12. Kasper Bjørke – Alcatraz (Kenton Slash Demon Remix)
13. Rocco & Danny Marquez – Billie Jean (Rocco Deep Mix)

CD2 – mixed by Miss Luna
01. AtFunk – Something About You
02. Naoki Kenji – Nana Umi
03. Guti & Dubshape – Every Cow Has A Bird
04. Scott Watson – Jazzin’ wit House
05. Soulscum – Walking On Collins Avenue
06. HP. Hoeger & Mr. Saxisfaction – Saxisfied
07. Maceo Plex – Vibe Your Life (Zev’s Southern Sunrise Rework)
08. Pierre Ravan & The Rulers Of The Deep – Look Inside (DJ Pippi Balearic La Troppa
Piano Mix)
09. Soul Seeker – Timeless
10. Miss Luna feat. Q DeRHINO – The One (Bés & Meret Remix)
11. Penner + Muder – Speak Your Mind
12. Fred Everything & Peter Christianson feat. Dave Aju – Second Delight
13. OR’L – Feelings
14. Kiko Navarro feat. C.B. – Sonando Contigo (Kiko Navarro Rework Of Yotam Avni

V.A. – Nassau Beach Club Ibiza 2011
Format: 2CD
VÖ: 27.05.11
Label: BigCityBeats/Kontor
EAN: 4250117613983
Art.Nr.: 1061398BCI

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HP. Hoeger & Mr. Saxisfaction – Saxisfied on CD2 – mixed by Miss Luna – Originally out on Heaps®

Press Release:

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“A proper, late night progressive chugger, beautifully produced by the highly respected Kramnik. Loads of atmosphere and great big, cyclic bassline make this a pretty intense and trippy track. It doesn’t do much except creep up on you with its subtly funky groove. Kramnik has already established quite a following in Europe and with productions like this, it’s easy to see why he’s so respected.”
Jon Stones (iDJ)

“I haven’t heard such a large slice of quality dark progressive tech energy since 2003”
Simon Hart (Pioneer)

“…one of the best, if not probably the best EP we’ve listened to this year, because of its complexity, because of its sound, because of its harmonies, because of its mixture of impossible elements, because of its artistic approach to electronic music, moving between progressive house and techno, with unheard of touches….because of its bold and daring sound, all I can say is that this is simply unbeatable. A real piece of jewelry that everyone should listen to and see that there is still hope in this thing called electronic”

“Top Pick” DJ Mag

“Nice and trippy” Mixmag

“A real brain crusher” Be-dance.be

“Perfect” M-Audio

“Kramnik sounds pretty slammin!” Sirius XM Radio

“One to Watch” iDJ


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Heaps Number 30 is a very special release by our main artist HP. Hoeger who is featured by Cherlain Mikele and Reena Winters. Their collaboration ‘You Are My Joy’ is funky Jazz Sound with catchy and extraordinary vocals and some sweet French Hip Hop flavour. This will deeply touch your heart and your soul!

Heaps Online:

Beatbird Volume 2

Beatbird Volume 2 features 15 amazing tracks produced by artists like Paul Lomax & Stereo Sushi, Gianni Kosta, Eric Torsen, Paramind, Martin Merida, HP. Hoeger, Across Digital and much more. It will be released 1st of July 2011 and will be distributed through all major digital music download retailers.

Beatbird presents the best Electronic Music streams and free downloads of DJ sets, live mixes as well as legal demo and promotion tracks since 2009. It carefully filters and categorises the sound to offer an outstanding and unique service for listeners of tasty club music.

Beatbird Volume 2 – Tracklisting:
01. Paul Lomax & Stereo Sushi – Airrace (Original Mix)
02. HP. Hoeger & Mr. Saxisfaction – Saxisfied (Frank Martiniq Remix)
03. Eric Torsen – Black Feather (Stivo & Pepe Norman Remix)
04. HP. Hoeger & Sven Jacobsen feat. Mr. Saxisfaction – Hispano In Space (Original Mix)
05. Martin Merida – El Dia (Original Mix)
06. Olaf Rubens – Endless Summer (Goodreef Mix)
07. Gianni Kosta – Into the Night (Club Mix)
08. Extraverse – See You (Benjamin Mark Remix)
09. Paramind – Itch (Original Mix)
10. Paul Lomax, Stereo Sushi & HP. Hoeger – Matter Of Time (Original Mix)
11. Black Bending – Spiders Crossing (Patrick Arbez Remix)
12. Sandra Gold & La Sash – Low Banger (Andrea Di Rocco Remix)
13. Luquex & Brown – Chuggin (Original Mix)
14. Marcelo Vak & Dirk De Groote – Liquid Night (J.Pe Bruna Remix)
15. Across Digital – Through to You (Original Mix)

June, 17 2011 with Beatport
July, 01 2011 with all digital music major retailers


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Miss Luna & Q DeRHINO - Happiness Is True

Latest Ibiza flavoured tunes by DJane Miss Luna. The 3rd extract from her album “Rise & Shine“.
Summer has arrived in Ibiza and so has the new tune of the White Island Resident Miss Luna. Happiness is True, already the third release from her successful album Rise & Shine, is not less than an anthem, with Q DeRHINO singing about – what else – the love and the life. Like in other tracks of the creative duo, the New Yorker singer and artist casts a spell again on the audience with his unparalleled voice. This is why the original version of the song, born in the beginning of the millenium, already became a classic for insiders who like the real Ibiza sound. In order to give the song a serious update, Miss Luna – now one of the top Balearic producers of electronic music – presents a high class selection of international remixers. The Greek top DJ Christos Fourkis, Tropical Highlight from Brazil and Micha Mischer added perfectly floating Beach and Dancefloor grooves, beats and sounds to the song. The Deep House Duo Bés & Meret contributed an elegant interpretation with this special lifestyle feeling inside and, last but not least, Austria based Techhouse master Stereo Sushi himself completes the package with a dancefloor version that nobody can resist to move to!
With this release, the project Miss Luna & Q DeRHINO takes definitely a big step forward on the way to the top.


Beatbird Volume 1

Boom Boom Chirp! Beatbird presents the best Electronic Music streams and free downloads of DJ sets, live mixes as well as legal demo and promotion tracks since 2009. It carefully filters and categorises the sound to offer an outstanding and unique service for listeners of tasty club music.

Now it’s time for the first Beatbird Music Compilation which presents an awesome selection of House, Electro and Techno tracks all designed for the prime time in the best underground clubs all over the world.
Beatbird Volume 1 features 14 amazing tracks produced by 12 artists and remixers. In the game are producers from all around the globe such as Eric Torsen, Vladimir Corbin, HP. Hoeger, Across Digital, Stivo & Pepe Norman and much more established and rising artists. The sound has been licensed by the DIG IT DOWN Music Group from the labels Heaps and Konsulat and kicks off with no restrictions. It will be released 21th of April 2011 on Konsulat founded by Pepe Norman and will be distributed through all major digital music download retailers. Let’s keep the groove!

Beatbird Volume 1
01. Extraverse – See You
02. Across Digital – Disarray (Vladimir Corbin’s Berlin Mitte Remix)
03. Eric Torsen – Kryptos
04. Benjamin Mark – Mental Case
05. HP. Hoeger & Mr. Saxisfaction – Saxisfied
06. Andrey Bogdanov – Skywalker
07. Hisham Kharma – South Beach
08. Across Digital – Through to You (Stivo & Pepe Norman Remix)
09. HP. Hoeger – Fiesta de DJ
10. Eric Torsen – Kurgan
11. Samsuka – Chop a Bit
12. Rogerio Romao – Big Beach
13. Across Digital – Dolphins Cry
14. Benjamin Mark – I Need You

April, 07 2011 with Beatport
April, 21 2011 with all digital music major retailers


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Across Digital - Disarray

Heaps #11 is Disarray – The Remixes Pt.1 by Across Digital and it comes up with new versions by Vladimir Corbin, HP. Hoeger, The Supreme Sluts, Peddy and the Original Full Vocal Mix.

Listen all mixes here!

Rogério Romão from Portugal is owner of Groove Packs, a company that makes live and sample packs for Ableton and others. Marcus Vandell aka The Inpsyda is Singer, songwriter and producer from Spain. Their producing and live act Across Digital was formed in the unfathomable depths of the internet. They aim to reach out from behind the anonymous world of computer technology and bring their brand of deep, hard hitting contemporary music to real people.

Disarray – The Remixes Pt.1 is released 21th of March 2011 exclusive with Beatport and is available in all digital music download shops including Trackitdown, Juno and iTunes on April, 4th 2011.

Tracklist: Across Digital – Disarray – The Remixes Pt.1
1. Across Digital – Disarray (Vladimir Corbin’s Berlin Mitte Remix)
2. Across Digital – Disarray (HP. Hoeger Remix)
3. Across Digital – Disarray (Supreme Sluts Remix)
4. Across Digital – Disarray (Peddy’s Doppelmumpf Remix)
5. Across Digital – Disarray (Full Vocal Mix)

March, 21 2011 with Beatport
April, 4 2011 with all digital music major retailers



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After a full year of dedicated work we are happy to announce that Dominik Eulberg´s fourth album “Diorama” will be released in May 2011 on TRAUM. After the “Heimische Gefilde” album on TRAUM, which won the German critic award, as the first techno album ever where comments by the artist himself appeared in spoken word, Eulberg has this time aimed at an album which embodies various facet’s of electronic music.

“Diorama” therefore resembles something totally new and original and can be referred to as an affiliation towards the real “authentic” Eulberg sound cosmos. He has accomplished this with the highest possible standard and contemporary sound aesthetic. Eulberg has set the bar at an extreme height for himself and the result will pile-drive even the die hard fans into solid rocky soil. Eulberg has unbuttoned his “techno coat” and has come up with timeless electronica, no one would have expected of him. It is his first album where he has rather played music instead of manipulating it and holds up that skill from the very beginning to the very end, non stop.

For “Diorama” Dominik Eulberg has selected in cooperation with Germanys nature magazine NABU the eleven greatest wonders of domestic nature. Because it is not only in exotic parts of the world that one can find incredible innovations of nature, they can also be found at your front door. Their existence is concealed for many of us and only by means of closer examination and an raised awareness for their secrets can we discover this world full of miracles.

For this world of hidden wonders a graphic diorama was specially designed. Depicting a well known world full of unknown phenomena. For each wonder Dominik Eulberg has composed a piece of music, which reflects with sound and dynamic the accounted wonder. In addition he describes the eleven phenomena in a traditional way on the inside of the CD cover.

The opener of the album depicts an enigmatic musical anecdote.
Time seems to stand still here. Slowly but with continuity the melodies descend, evolving in an never ending flow.

“Echomaus” reminds us of the greatest ambient moments by Aphex Twin. The track works through elegant creeping sounds, creating a fine balance and includes echo sounds and electronic sounding basslines that make the connection to the wonder as well as creating a epic track of great radiance.

The abrupt transition of the “Neunauge” (engl. lamprey) from a wormlike larva to a fish, is reflected here musically in a strong dynamic change, turning things upside down… making it two tracks in one.
One could call it a musical version of the wonder itself. A risky and adventurous track that creates new space and clears the mind for the next track.

“Teddy Tausendtop”
The wonder of “Teddy Tausendtop”, the clumsy water bear, is an tempting blueprint for Eulberg to pull all his tricks. He here composes brilliant beats and uses synths that create a timeless atmosphere as well as using others that make huge dynamic shifts evolving in a magic piece of music which is a wonder in itself. Without words a masterpiece!

“Islandmuschel 400”
Maybe the most intense track of the album, going deep under ones skin. A track that has the aura of an approaching gigantic iceberg from the perspective of a child. This track could be a massive tune on big festivals, a big time instrumental pop song. It is very personal and fuelled with fate.

“3 Millionen Musketiere”
This track is for all of us who experienced the genuine collective feeling at one of the raves in the early 90ies or at small parties in industrial sites when the first sunbeams made their way through the stained glass industry windows.
This track is euphoric up to the limit: A break beat that incorporates the best moments of UK techno with bands such as: Enjoy or Bizarre Inc, but transfers it into the year 2011. This is a track that creates gooseflesh.

What would the world be without water? Every life starts with water and so Eulberg has written a track here that features the complexity as well as the beauty of this element. Eulberg has composed such an intricate track here… it goes beyond recognition. This track has a central position in his album.

“Der Tanz Der Glühwürmchen”
After “3 Millionen Musketiere” and “H2o” this track seems to have a recreational quality in the beginning but in the course of the track turns out to be really emotional. Picking up a feeling that New Wave or Indie Rock tunes hold, this track reveals the quality of the album altogether, the timeless quality of some of the trax.

Starting deranged and giving no clue in which direction it might proceed, step by step he introduces lush melodies detached from all earthbound actions.
All of this would not work if Eulberg had not programmed one of his best beats ever… a complex abstract beat that massages the synapses.

“Wenn Es Perlen Regnet”
“Wenn Es Perlen Regnet” is plea for the beauty of nature and the world of melodies, that few artist can translate into music. This track blends romance with techno reality.

“Metamorphose” signifies what Eulberg has actually intended with his album and what has been responsible for the outcome of this album. A tongue in cheek title and music that shows great French movie soundtrack quality connected to Eulberg beats. The end of the CD but a track of timeless beauty.

7. H2O

C2. H2O

Release date: 9th May 2011


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