Martin Eyerer Studio Report

Headline Studio

Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong/Session Deluxe)

Martin Eyerer


PC Intel Core Duo 2x 3,333 GHZ
RME 9652 & 9632
UAD 2 Quad
TC Powercore Firewire
4x RME ADI 8 Wandler
2x RTW Levelmeter
Apogee Big Ben
16 channel Neumann Summierer

2x Siemens W295 EQ
2x Siemens W295b EQ
2x Filtek EQ MK5b

Amek 9096
Manley Vari Mu
Filtek Comp
Studer A 810 VUK Bandmaschine
Telefunken V376 Preamp
ADA Mp1 Guitar preamp
Rode NTV RöhrenMikro
Neumann TLM 103
AKG c 3000B

Moog Minimoog
Roland TB 303
TR 808
SH 101
TR 505
JD 900
JP 8080
Korg DW 8000
Access Virus TI
Clavia Nordlead
electron Machinedrum
Yamaha DX 200
Yamaha AN 200
Waldorf Micro Q
Micro Wave
2x Pulse

Steinberg Cubase 5
Ableton Live 8
NI Komplete
UAD plugs 90%
MD3 Bundle artsacoustic reverb & compressor Spectrasonics Stylus RMX & Trilian
diverse plugs

C Lexicon 480 L
Lexicon Modell 200
Lexicon Mpx1
Lexicon Mpx 500
Korg Chaos Pad

Dynaudio Air 15 + Airbase One
genelec 1029
Ultrasone Pro 750 Kopfhörer
AKG K 240

Tips & Tricks
Important is to acquire a lot of basic knowledge. It helps to read books and even to take a workshop. Also YouTube helps a lot. It is important to know, how a compressor works or what for example side chaining is. Only if you not work with what coincidence gives you, but instead know what you are doing you will be better than most of the others on the long run. And that’s what you have to be if you want to be successfull in this.

Favorite producing tool/software
Virus TI. It is so versatile, you can do everything with it. Even drumsounds. Moreover I love my Lexicon 480 L. No reverb sounds like this!
Still I think the most important tool in my studio is the monitoring by Dynaudio. On the whole I only have things here that I do use and like. Everything else I have given away or I have replaced it by high-quality equipment.


No one is born as a master! Well seriously, I have to stress how important it is to really know all that stuff. I receive so many demos that aren’t bad and sound somewhat good. But to stand out of the mass is getting more difficult. Earlier it used to be difficult to find money for the equipment. That’s easy today because you don’t neccessarily need all that because digitally the stuff is available for everyone. The more important it is to stand out and the few percent on top require the most effort. But it’s worth it.

Martin Eyerer online

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