Oliver Huntemann studio report

Headline Studio

Oliver Huntemann (Ideal Audio, Confused)

Oliver Huntemann

g5 apple macintosh
hammerfall digiface

tc electronic finalizer
mam vocoder
2 kronauer genio 16channel d/a converter
16channel analog summing mixer (self-construction)

Oliver Huntemann Desk
logic audio
waves mastering edition
native komplete
native maschine
ableton live
arturia v-collection
ik multimedia t-racks compressor


genelec 1030 active speakers
mackie hr 824 mk2 active speakers
beyerdynamic 770 headphones

Oliver Huntemann Rack
tips & tricks

keeping a track as reduced as possible (and as packed as necessary) makes the mixdown much easier. my advice is to let a professional person, who has nothing to do with the production, put his hand on the tracks after finishing. but notice: a engineer can make a track with a good mixdown become an outstanding sound, but he can´t change a bad production into a good one.

favorite producing tool/software
logic audio

album „h-3“ (april 2009 – ideal)
rikarda (march 2009 – ideal)
dubfire & oliver huntemann – dios (october 2008 – ideal)
dubfire & oliver huntemann – diablo (june 2008 – cocoon)
play! 02 ep: paris/la boum (april 2008 – confused)
hamburger berg (dec 2007 – confused)
play! 01 ep: sao paulo (mar 2007 – confused)
german beauty (dec 2006 – confused)
fieber remixes (aug 2006 – confused)
album „fieber“ (feb./mar. 2006 – confused/gigolo)
bodzin & huntemann – black ep (jan. 2006 – gigolo)
huntemann & winter – the motorist (nov. 2005 – confused)
broadcast service (sept. 2005 – dance electric)
terminate the fire (feat. chelonis r. jones) (july 2005 – dance electric)
sweet sensations (may 2005 – gigolo records)
50 (may 2005 – confused recordings)
album „too many presents for one girl“ (cd, 2 vinyl) (2004 – confused recordings)
discotech uk mixes – (november 2003 – confused recordings)
freeze (september 2003 – confused recordings)
discotech (2003 –confused recordings / zomba)
phreaks 2.1 (2001 – panik)
wildes treiben (2001 – confused recordings)
alte liebe (2000 – confused recordings)
huntemann vs. elektrochemie lk – bass heavy / strip (1998 – confused recordings)
playground (1997 – confused recordings)
electric city (1996 – confused recordings)
styles (1995 – confused recordings)

extrawelt – trümmerfeld (oliver huntemann remix)
rex the dog – i can see you, you can see me (oliver huntemann remix)
cirez d. – teaser (oliver huntemann remix)
underworld – crocodile (oliver huntemann remix)
chemical brothers – do it again (oliver huntemann remix)
2raumwohnung – 36 grad (oliver huntemann remix)
depeche mode – everything counts (oliver huntemann & stephan bodzin remix)
j. mowbray & d. ramirez – i choose anger (h-man remix)
yello – oh yeah! (h-man remix)
moonbootica – pretty little angel (h-man remix)
yoshimoto – du what u du (h-man remix)
ascii disko – black metal (oliver huntemann remix)
coburn – technology (h-man remix)
john dahlbäck – the bad giant (huntemann rmx)
benni benassi – i know what you do (huntemann rmx)
r.s.p. – funkanoid (huntemann rmx)
robbie tronco – fright train (huntemann rmx)

rekorder with stephan bodzin:
rekorder 00 – rekorder 10
h-man with stephan bodzin:
51 poland street (oct 2006 – giant wheel)
turbo ep (feb 2006 – giant wheel)
mimi (sept 2005 – giant wheel)
spacer / rock this place (march 2005 – giant wheel)
manga / flip flop (nov. 2004 – giant wheel)
sandra (2001 – giant wheel)

new album “h-3” out on ideal audio

oliver huntemann online

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