Ralf GUM Studio Report

Headline Studio

Ralf GUM (GOGO Music)
Ralf GUM


PC Intel Core i7 Quadcore
RME Hammerfall
Yamaha 02R
Mic: AKG C 3000

Cubase SX
Various plug-ins

Ralf GUM

Fender Rhodes Mark 2 Stagepiano
Juno 106
Yamaha SY 77
Akai Sampler CD 3000
2 * Akai Sampler S 2000
Digitech Timemachine
Behringer Rotary BCR 2000
Lots of different percussion

Ralf GUM

Adam S3A
Alesis Point 7
Yamaha NS 10-M

Tips & Tricks
Modern technology misleads you to look too much on your monitor. Use your ears and let them decide if it sounds good, instead of caring about waveforms! As well it’s not necessary to have much equipment. More important is to use the one you have with creativity. If you need to record a high end sound of live-instruments or vocals, you need a good recording room. If you don’t have one, rent a studio. Good speakers help a lot, as you only can mix properly if you hear properly!

Favorite producing tool/software
Fender Rhodes Mark 2 Stagepiano

Ralf GUM

Ralf GUM online
Ralf GUM at MySpace


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  1. 1 calvin

    Thanks Ralf

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