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“Die Faser” is starting. The first 12” part of Cio D´Or album appears to our senses. This release is all about “Goldbrokat”. Starting with a wonderful ambient intro track called “Zellulose” this one forecast the arrival of an marvelous Prologue release – Cio’s work is the musical interpretation of her personal sound passion: deepest and […]

Poostosh emerged from interminable improvisations in front of mixing console in the booth of one respectable Moscow club/theatre, under which roof they all were working. The name “Poostosh” appeared in 2002. In Russian it means – uncultivated plot or a heath. They were playing and recording in a lot of different styles without any serious […]

After the sensational success of the compilation “Diamonds & Pearls Lounge” (i-Tunes Electronic-Charts #1), here comes the second compilation finally. “Diamond and Pearls Lounge Vol.2” is a mixture of the best and most famous Lounge and Chillout Producers of the last years. The producers commited to this production are none other than Torsten Stenzel (Asheni, […]

Luis Junior “Atalsina re” now re-edited. The first downtempo & chill out album composed and produced by Luis Junior, titled Atalsina, is now re-edited by Abysoma Records and out now on digital release. Published in february 2002, Atalsina has endured over the time, becoming one of the essential albums of electronic music downtempo. Some tracks […]